SCP-2059: The Attack

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D-3671 was tasked to enter SCP-2059's chamber but apparently SCP-2059 managed to escape it's chamber, it eats nearly everyone in the facility, D-3671 managed to get to Gate C and he must open it though while avoiding 2059 and the Multi-Tasked Forces


Errr… Is this in alpha? Also I don't remember SCP-2059 being able to shoot people, what the hell?

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Incredible stuff man.

Well, I actually expected better, but unfortunately, this disappointed me. The bullet will kill you when you attempt to interact with the "terminal", which, to be honest, doesn't look like one. The graphics look like they had a budget less expensive than a cardboard box some man took from Amazon. The game isn't decent, it's horrendous; thing is, you never fight a SCP, just a MTP that will kill you with no way to avoid it. I understand if this is the first game the developer, cerealdude559, made, or second, or third, maybe your tenth game will be lucky enough to be good?

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This is either an unfunny joke, or just a poorly made game. The controls do not work well. Improve the graphics and fix the gameplay. The red thing kills you and you can not stop it.

cerealdude559 responds:

I fucking suck at making games, hell, I suck at everything, planning on quiting making games lol. Bye-bye game developing life lol.

Can anyone explain what's happening on Newgrounds? Since some time, crappy games like this one somehow get past the Under Judgment section and keep littering the Games page. It seems to be a rather poor way of convincing people to support the portal with donations, y'know.

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1.06 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2016
8:35 PM EST
Skill - Avoid