Golfinho Day

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Happy birthday Golfinho! Sorry it is 2 days late

CoolDrMoney : 8==D~~~~0:32
Pegasu : 8==D ~~~~~~~~0:55
SillyBeans : 8==D~~~~~~~1:14
MegaRobby : 8==D ~~~~~~1:48
Piggler : 8==D ~~~~~~~~~~2:11
Pirelot : 8==D ~~~~~~~~~~~2:33

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bitch what the fuck

Yes golfinho saw our tribute, now I can rest easy, thank you senpai you were like a tiozão father to me, Ill always think of you when I stick fingers up my cú

ho man!!! i cant write a review!!! i cry alot and show that for my mother. thanks forever my artists friends.
thats was gross

That intro was straight vapor.

Happy birthday! Still better than DBZ