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Turnland demo - 7 levels.

There was a war between the gods.
Zeus confine Hades in Turnland,
the world of electricity.
Help hades recover his fireball
and return to hell.


LEFT- Move to left.
RIGHT - Move to right.
UP - Jump.
DOWN - Fire.
ENTER - Exit and restart.
SPACE - Show and hide map.

Update: 20/02/16 - version 0.1
- New sound track.
- Fix move bug.

Update 21/02/16 - version 0.2

- Fix jump block
- Fix slow speed
- Fix teleport speed
- Fix level names
- Fix bug of fall
- Fix bug restart
- Fix bug lava
- Fix size images

Update 22/02/16 - version 0.3

- Fix slide
- Fix tutorial
- Fix difficulty
- Add elevator
- Add hater

Update 23/02/16 - version 0.4

- Add sound control

Update 24/02/16 - version 0.5

- Add level 6

Update 25/02/16 - version 0.6

- Add tutorial

Update 26/02/16 - version 0.7

- Fix controls
- Show level
- IndieDB icon
- Facebook icon
- Add level 7

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What is this story - Zeus trapped Hades somewhere, and Hades needs his fireball to escape...?

*Do you even Greek myth?*

I wish there was a way to reset. Or at least kill yourself so you can restart a level. I had gotten stuck in a room and I had no way out. I couldn't even kill myself so I could restart. Also, the thing that you have to press space on also said "This game is a bad clone of Continuity" If you don't mind me asking, what's Continuity?

gurigraphics responds:

Press ENTER to Restart or Exit. Continuity is a game like this.

"Clone presents no difference or innovation"
Well, for the current state, it is like a stripped down [A game I played on newgrounds, it's similar to, but not Continuity, use pixel-art sprites, and you can push blocks between sections, I forget it's name] with less puzzle elements (because you only need to shuffle around)

"full version be released... Enemies and Boss"
IF you do add enemies and bosses in the future I'm sure these people you refer to as "haters" WILL shut up.

IMHO, when "they" say clone, it's just a neutral observation, if there's any critical element when they said those things, it's the game itself. I think the version I played was 0.1. It was extremely buggy that I don't think it's worth my while leaving comments. (I didn't even know what to do in stage 1 and stuck there for 10 min....No offense but it do leave a bad impression)

But I do like the music.

I came back to listen to the music and see you've made some improvements. Congrats, and looking forward to the full game which blends terrain swapping with platform action.

gurigraphics responds:

Yes. Is true. These five stages are not much different even.
But that is no reason to they speak this so stupidly.

Future versions are already very different.
What remains is just this mechanical of Continuity and Fez.

good game. also i like the way you have to rearrange the maps and all but there NEEDS to be A MUTE BUTTON FOR THE MUSIC!

gurigraphics responds:

Thanks for reply.
True. Already request and I still no do.

I see the author is started to argue that this game isn't a clone of Continuity, but instead it's a next game in a genre that Continuity created (or was there something even before it?)

It's a demo, which means You are going to work further on it. All I can ask for is: please surprise us, bring something unique to this game, so there will be absolutely no reasons to call it a Continuity clone. Only then You will be able to say seriously that Your game was of a new *genre* and expanded it.

gurigraphics responds:

None Tower Defense is original. Because my game is obliged to be original? Just because the haters wish.

The way he is already unique. If I make a game mega man style nobody would say nothing. So there is only peeve. It's just a gap they find to speak evil. Furthermore in the credits stated that it is an game inspired in Continuity.

And in my opinion is another genre or style. Rotating screens there is both in Continuity as in Fez. And that's a style, genre or characteristic. But need not agree. Because I bet that they never thought of it.

The haters and losers that go learn to make a pong or snake game before saying what I have to do or not do.