Raiders took my dog

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Explore nuclear wastelands in search of your robo-dog friend!
Fresh mix of shooter, bullet-hell and defense mechanics.
Use a lot of upgrades, bonuses, power-ups and special-strikes in dynamic and impressive combats with lots of enemies and bosses.

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I usually don't like games where you can only shoot forward, but this one was quite addictive and fun - good job! The variety of power ups, enemies and special weapons made it interesting, and +1 for the light humoristic attitude.
It was a bit disappointing that after 3/4 of the game or so, there were no more new enemies and the upgrades made it too easy. I replayed a few levels just to try the remaining special weapons I didn't need... A bestiary would've been nice, too. And there's the ubiquitous little annoyance that you can't silence sounds or music while it's paused.
Well anyway, I'm definitely waiting for this one to be continued :)

This game was loads of fun. Many have complained that the mouse is too involved in the controls in this game, but all I say to them is that is what makes this game more challenging. Besides, by the time you do get the max power up on the money magnet, you will only need the money for upgrading the special weapon anyway.

>using mouse movement to gather coins.
>using mouse movement for positioning.
>using mouse movement for aiming at enemies.
>upgrades do not make up 100% for coin gathering.
>hard to avoid damage, so grinding is required to get 3 stars already at the first bossfight.
>fun gameplay overall.
>lots of upgrades.
>secondary weapon has variation.
>main weapon does not have variation "#ยค%&/
>really nice and cute story.
>graphics and artwork is good, very appropriate for the theme of the game.

Overall a nice game, not sure wether I want to play through it ..maybe just for the story, but a perfect score is going to be grindy and annoying to get for me.

This is another one of those games that I am just going to assume the creators never bothered to PLAY before releasing it. Oh, sure, they may have played it to look for bugs. But they never played it to see if it worked. Because if they had, they would NEVER had chosen to make the mouse control the player AND force you to mouse over coins to pick hem up. Common sense would tell you that that doesn't work.

Great game, Thanks !

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2016
4:30 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person