The Philosophy of Liberty

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An entertaining presentation about the Philosophy of Liberty. A Spanish-language version can also be viewed under my Other Submissions.



A good animation, easy to follow. I love the message it gives. And they say Newgrounds is rotting brains!

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Hurray for Liberty

In days when "freedom" has become a patriotic nothing word, it's refreshing to see a flash like this.

Basically, this is a Libertarian presentation. Hardcore socialists, anti-drug thinkers, and other types of social repressionists need not watch. However, this is worth seeing if you're at least moderate on the issue of popular sovereignty/social engineering versus individual freedom.

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I agree with the crunch. Verry insitful movie.

my suggestion

i was very moved buy this movie. it simplifies and clarifies things that everyone should know but many people are ignorant of the truth and too focused on "survival" to realize how bad things are in america. if this film moved any patriotic braincells in your head i would suggest you all watch a film called America: Freedom to Fascism.

I think this should be on the front page

This is completly true...its well...life I know this has been said before along with that line to the thousandth,but this movie only speaks the truth. The background music is both soft and well how should I say "loud",while the images switch smoothly. The interactiviy draws the veiwer in by their "soul". I agree completly with this but I cant help but wonder. Is this what anarchy really means? Dictatorship is one person owning all along with monarchy,democracy is many people ruling over others with possible oppion yet they may be tricking us, tribleship is that with no tricks for sure,and I know of no others. This wont get on the front page because of contreversy.....but if anywhere its here on newgrounds where contreversy has a say if its right.

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Oct 24, 2002
11:41 PM EDT

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