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The Philosophy of Liberty

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Author Comments

An entertaining presentation about the Philosophy of Liberty. A Spanish-language version can also be viewed under my Other Submissions.

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Eh. No one has liberty. We are all slaves to reality. A reality created by God? or Chance? I don't know. I do know you can choose to starve to death. However, reality will impose pain. It will force a cost on you.
As for the interactions of society. It is all rock paper scissors. If we all agree to be paper and not impose upon each other. Eventually someone will choose scissors and cut us all down. So, we give someone the authority of rock.
The tough question is then who do we label as rock paper and scissors. Perhaps American citizens are paper, Al Qaeda are scissors, and the American Soldiers are rock.
In any case, we are all slaves to reality. We are all going to die at the hands of reality.
If you can steal a bit of joy between birth and death. Good for you...

Great video.

great! but..

im pretty sure it wasnt originally the people who let their kings pursue all of their big headed desires. it was forced, then by some time people just took it for "the way it is." reality, thanks to politics, religion, and the like has created the fundamental picture that is civilization; and we believe it. we have no choice. it is, afterall, all we know. i wouldn't blame the masses. just look at india, thousands of years later people STILL believe they belong in a certain caste while people of the same flesh and blood live in constant luxury. it should start becoming clear to us by now that politics evolved from pillaging and conquering and control over wealth and life. the rules have changed, but the object of the game is still the same.
and when it may be fine and well that we own our lives and should, that surely is impossible when the reality around you has claims made to it. for example, you cant live in this world and have true liberty when you are forced to work for someone to survive. thus liberty isnt possible until we eliminate certain elements of society that have been enforced and made natural law by man since hammurabi. and thats just when they started writing it down. theres nothing we can do until we realize that and theres no simple solution. but movies like yours are eye openers and i hope everyone who sees it has a stir in their brain.

what liberty should be

and what it is is very different im glad to know that you understand and have confronted this problem great video

This is perfect.

I found this a few years ago somewhere else. It coincided with my beliefs completely back then, and it still does. I wish more people could think like this.

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4.35 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2002
11:41 PM EDT