No Cure For Love

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Originally planned for the 14th of February 2015. After some mishaps with a trip to Japan interrupted by Kaijus and an invasion of murderous three-headed chickens... well, you get the idea. Delivered a year later. A short story about a nameless VN protagonist who meets a strange girl...

Special thanks to everyone who helped with this project! Happy belated valentine's day!

Q: Why is this game so short?
A: Because Super Ebola's a pretty fast-acting infection.

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Nice ! where can i find more of this ?

ebola chan..... ebola....
Man, I think this time you had taken way to many drugs because.... ebola.... EBOLA.... CHAN.... CHAN! CHAN! CHAAAAN!!! *insert that chan chan chan thing* @_@ I should call the police so you get some help or I dunno, your case is pretty dangerous
Having sex with ebola? ._____. wtf (Actually, out of jk, why would you have sex with someone while they are dying .-. I mean wtf x"D, who does that? I think is cute with just a kiss, if I imagine that scene them I think it would seem like a deep web think)

Well, I see obvious that what happened is that she died so he can live, if ebola dies, there is no disease, and she has been always with him because well, there is the typical thing of "even if she dies, she will always be with you, in your heart" so yeah, at the end is basically her spirit and his finally together which is cute

cute story, but u know, I think a little therapy of no porn, no animu, and no drugs will go good for u, and get a life :)......... (jk, life is for noobs xd) too much cocaine is bad, so bad that your name is toxic badum tss..... no? no? ok I will go now

Yomuchan responds:


You got Ending 2.

And so begins a contract written in the blood of the innocent. Yes, I could read your Daedric message.

This changed me more than it should have... Loved it!

Very nice/fun game!!!!!!

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3.65 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2016
5:14 PM EST
Adventure - Other
  • Review Crew Pick February 24, 2016