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Comic-Con Ticket Rant

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Feb 17, 2016 | 9:36 AM EST

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Author Comments

Me complaining about what a total pain in the ass it was when I tried to buy Comic-Con Tickets.

Me complaining about what a total pain in the ass it was when I tried to buy Comic-Con Tickets last year. I hope Comic-Con fixes it this year because the experience was total fucking bullshit.

This animation took me forever. Maybe like 6 months. It took so long I did a bunch of Animations even while I was still working on this one. Even when I was trying to render it, my computer couldn't handle it and I had to render the Animation in 8 parts and then piece it together in Windows Media Player.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

this is great. can really appreciate how fit your voice was to play deadpool.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks again and also, thanks for checking this one out. :-)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The animation wasn't.... animated. But it was kinda fun to laugh at your pain, and I could relate to the rant topic. Plus, most videos like this have audio that sounds like it was recorded with the mic in a garbage disposal, so this was godlike in comparison.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) It sounds like you enjoyed it and basically that was what i was going for. :-)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I very much enjoyed your rant and don't understand why people are mad that you posted a rant. Many people post rants on here like you did and people don't seem to care, but whatever. You were energetic while telling your story and you had visuals to back it up (even if it wasn't the best art I still liked it)

Hopefully the shitty website will get better next, but I doubt it. Anyways good job and would love to see more!

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks a lot. :-) I really appreciate you saying that. :-) Most messages I got from other Newgrounders were pretty much about them being pissed this got the front page.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yep. You'll have this identical experience with Ticket Master or really any huge events. And yep ticket scalpers are massively annoying if they somehow manage to get tickets and sell them for jacked up rates even though they don't care about whatever the event is and they're preventing legitimate customers from accessing the event, or at least bottlenecking it more.

That's the problem with any hugely popular events. Go to less known-about events or less-popular events and you won't have this much trouble.

3 stars only because, yeah, stick figures, and there's no comedy to back it up. But the rant is valid. So I think that's fair.

tonyfamous responds:

Hell yeah it's valid and as a customer who wants to go to any event I choose and not be forced to settle all the time, I understand tickets sell out and that's not the point of this video. What I don't like is having my nuts twisted for over 2 hours of squeeze and release torture. I'm the customer and Comic-Con shouldn't be torturing my ass. They should be fixing the problem and I don't know any reason anyone should feel it's O.K. to put up with this crap without saying something about it.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Of COURSE you went through that, you're not the only genius to access the site exactly AT 12:00. It's called server load dude, expect it for any big event on pretty much any site. Nobody can accurately predict how much traffic they're going to get for these things. Always expect something like this to happen. Now go cry a river over how Starbucks ran out of milk so you didn't get your foam in your crappucino.

As for the actual "rant".... you have a monotone voice that drove me nuts in the first 30 seconds. Work on being more expressive to hang on to people's attention. Try to find more interesting material than something that is actually pretty common. I zoned out after not wanting to hear your voice anymore.

Other reviewers are correct (as much as you hate hearing it), take this to YouTube and you'll get a better audience. There's too much garbage on this site as it is with all the Game Grumps Animated BS flying around.

tonyfamous responds:

I hear you, but I disagree. ;-) and just because you don't like something, it doesn't mean it isn't good. Anyway, if nobody ever complains about things being all shitty and fuckered up, then nothing would ever change or improve. You know how the squeaky wheel gets the oil shit. Now if your cool with a Comic-Con ticking buying experience being as enjoyable as a kick in the balls, then that's your thing. I didn't like it so I decided to bitch about it in a way that would be seen by others.