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Tea Tycoon V1.2

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update 1.1-
-all known bugs fixed!
-tutorial added
-UI update
-rival ai updated

-game balanced
-shredded tea now cost 2 raw tea
-save/load added
-all bugs fixed!

-game balanced
-shredded tea and teabag price changed
-small UI update
-rival AI updated

Thanks to all reviews and ratings (over 3*;)) I will read all comments and update the game around them.

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The first manufacturer keeps paying for shipments, even if the stock is over demand.

Upsides and downsides.
This game is a lot of fun, but it has some snags.
First, the tutorial is only available when first clicking onto one of the four screens. This is not a problem as long as you pay attention and remember. But therein lies the problem.
The main issue as I see it is just how much processor runtime a simple game like this uses. It was causing other programs to freeze up and nearly caused a browser crash. Other games do not cause such issues. As best I can tell, it does this, because it is trying to keep the animated workers running in the background, rather than simply letting their actions tally off screen. It causes the game to start lagging the further you play into it.
The gameplay itself is fun and relatively slow at first. You start out growing and selling your own tea, then after you hire some workers, you buy a truck to sell the tea and outpace the competition as your company grows. Then you can buy out the competition, buy securing all the shares in their company.
Finally, you begin on the factory, which involves having enough workers on different lines to not outpace supply. As time passes, you'll get more money for better products, moving from raw tea to shredded tea, up to bagged tea. Profit margins increase slightly, so make sure you have the capital to invest in everything, or you'll get stuck in the red when it comes time to pay the workers. But said workers usually make you far more money than their wages, so you'll be back on top in a bit.
Given a little more fine-tuning, this could be a better game that ran better on an average computer.

The game seems to pause anytime I switch tabs. Needless to say, for a game like this that's completely unacceptable.

It says "V1.2" above the game, but it is still 1.3 that applies?

Love this game! A few bugs (e.g. negative tea) but that doesnt matter.
By the way, the UK uses pounds £ not dollars $.

Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2016
1:08 AM EST