Guts X Saber - A Guide To Shipping

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Shipping anime characters sure can get out of hand...

Hope you all enjoy this little series I'm thinking of putting together! Really enjoyed working on it!

(This was originally intended for YouTube)
So please check out the channel for more :)!



I feel like this is ur take on zone sama.

Good, but problem, you don't credit the music. It's very important, that many people seem to forget to do on youtube and has become a trend even for people on NG unfortunately.

Other than that, the animation was well done, well voiced, and overall enjoyable. I kind of wonder why this has a 3 star rating on it though. Now to the guy below, Zone-Tan is not the first to do a "news report" so it's nothing that can be stolen as it's a common format for some people on youtube animation or not, so while it's similar, that's not a justifiable point saying it's "stolen".

Also, nothing's too big to start with, though I can understand it's a bit of an odd video to start with involving fanmail given you're not known here, so it might throw some people off. I've seen MANY animators transition from youtube but still doing both, and get well accepted in the NG crowd. Jaltoid is a good example.

I'm a veteran of NG, so I am aware of all this stuff. Also I'm a big Outlaw Star fan, so kudos. I've been on this site for 13 years about (including the time before i made this account), so welcome! You'll get some nitpickers here and there, but overall this is quality work.

Good job, I'm a voice actor myself, and I have a character demo from last year if you're interested to hear. Keep up the good work, but try to post more in the blog post on your account, show more fan engagement, NG you'll find out is different from youtube in many ways ;) and a great place for creative people to post stuff and find resources (such as voice actors, music, etc.). And be sure to credit the music :P welcome!

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this isnt a 0-rating, it's a no-rating. because I can't rate this.
Not because it isn't good, but because I have no friggin' idea who is what from where and never heard of anything except Saber.
It feels like a total ripoff of Zone-Tan video. Mostly because it is almost the same thing, but with double the pigtail(twintail) and without slimy tentacle thingy. even the guy sounds exactly like the one in zone-tan video (was that your biggest inspiration?). And because of that I don't know what to think of this.
It's not bad, far from it. Made me chuckle a couple time, I like the animation and even the little theater was nice.
But this ask far too much from a new audience. You don't have any "background" on NG, no post, no journal entry. Only this video here that starts with too big a dream for a nobody. Don't take this personnaly, i've seen many big dreamers out there trying similar thing and they almost all ended up crushed by that dream, those expectations.
Plus, from a youtube channel that does okay with anime facts and list with huge clickbait (moderatly good clickbait, mind you) with no other history... I honestly think this is a big jump.
Who is ona-chan? isn't that just the generic way to call a woman ? 'onna noko' 'onna-chan' 'Onna desu' etc etc.

Are you seriously starting this serie with this? do you plan on pushing through until the end? Can you handle it? Do you think you can make it a monthly thing? Who is Steven Avery and can anyone send you letter like "he" did?
And how would you respond to review such as mine? Don't sugar coat it, I know what I am doing and why.

I sincerly wish you come through, I want you to prove me I am wrong for overthinking it so much. By "you" I mean everyone working on this project.
If you are doing this purely as a hobby, You can ignore everything I said. I still wish you the best of luck.

-potential fan #32

OtakuVs responds:

Just a hobby... I made it after watching Lucky star... Sorry for being nobody?

I only know Guts. Maybe I'm not as much of an otaku as I thought. But you made laugh, so if you do another one I'll watch it

OtakuVs responds:

Thank you! Much appreciated >_<

All originality jokes aside, this was really well made. Redmi... I mean Zone already has a series like this, but yours is actually on par with it. I hope to see more episodes of this in the future.

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OtakuVs responds:

Having just watched all of Zones stuff due to the comparisons I am honoured that you think it's on par haha! It's much appreciated!!

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Feb 16, 2016
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