Yo Escape The Facility

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Lasers! 10 Points

Turn the lasers off.

Colors 25 Points

Solve a color puzzle.

Puzzler 25 Points

Solve a puzzle

Vent 25 Points

Escape through the vent!

Escape! 50 Points


Author Comments

You took a ride from a stranger riding in a limo. Now you are locked in a secret facility! Look around and see what you can find that will help you escape before something bad happens! Good luck and have fun!


This one wasn't too bad. The puzzles were all pretty simple, but there were some faults. Smashing a pipe with a rick doesn't make a screwdriver... There's also no way to know you can flip around the monitor, and the explanation for not going in the second blocked-off vent is a little odd. How do we know we don't need to go that way? Have we been there before? I also wouldn't feel safe at all traveling down sewer water with weird green liquid dripping into it in just an inner tube. That's how you get radioactive people....

Having a problem with the elevator button. I just open the cabinet and collected the things inside then I go to the button and it spazz out.

Not bad dude. Puzzles seem a little silly at times, but i felt that the Computer one was pure genius.

The keyboard was really hard but it is a nice little challenge. I also recorded a walkthru just to remember my first time.

The game was awesome. But I did notice a error in the intro, I don't know if this is a error but when it say 'A limo pulled up and offered you wanted a ride' this doesn't make sense. It could say 'A limo pulled up and offered you a ride' but that's the only problem I saw

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Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2016
4:34 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click