Super Hunted 2

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This is a basic platformer with 1 and 2 player modes. All the music and graphics are by me. Cyberdevil helped with testing the game and coding the Medals. All support appreciated. Critique wanted.

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I think that this is the best game you made so far.
It's pretty fun but there are problems. The music is cool but the platforming is pretty bland and has no depth in it. I recommend you make some kind of puzzles within the platforming or something like that just too add a little more depth to it. The boss fight is strange because and not very fun because the hit boxes are just so strange. Also add some enemies. The lava level was frustrating because you just slided off the small platforms. The 2 player mode works pretty well.
Anyways keep trying :)

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Thank you! I'll try my best. Thanks for the support.

In some ways, it's a good start. I was going to check the medals, but I couldn't get past the 'stairs' at the end of the first level. The controls, or rather, the control response made it very difficult to play. Keep working at it, tho. I can tell you wan to do well.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Thank you. I plan on making a walkthrough soon but for now, this should help: https://imgflip.com/gif/zbpqm
In other words, you need to jump backwards.
Enjoy the game and I appreciate the support.

medals dont work and control is bad

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

How do I fix those? Anyone know how?
I'll have to work on the control by the way.
Medals work now!

Got to the robot boss and quit because I didn't know what to do.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

You need to jump and duck to avoid the grey boxes. I plan on making a walkthrough soon so maybe that will help.

Nice music. Sometimes I find that I hit my head on a platform and fall right down, past other platforms. The medals do not unlock.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Happy you like the music. That's my favorite part by far. I have it all on my page if you're interested. I would love to make music for someone else's game. I'm not as good at programming as I am at composing. Thanks for the support.

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1.40 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2016
10:17 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other