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Spacegirl 4

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Don't let this sexy sentry sound the alarm! The only way to handle this problem is get her wet enough to forget ALL about stuff like space station security... bring on the xenobits!

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Green Xenobit likes to lag around while others move just fine. Sometimes it just gets stuck on the left side of the screen while other move ahead.

Whether you win or lose is completely dependent on random chance that the blue alien will spawn before the green bar reaches the end. Even if the green bar is completely gone, it still might reach the end before another blue alien shows up. And even then, sometimes after getting a blue, no other aliens will show up in time to lower the rage gauge. This culminates in a 'reward' shot of the girl getting... what killed? Impregnated? with the green alien in half a second. It was unclear how it even ended, and the previous game had a more interactive reward for beating it anyway, as you impregnated the princess, and could replay that series of animations.
It's a more frustrating game, with more difficulty, for substantially less reward.

You know what the problem with this game is? The problem for all of the spacegirl games is? They aren't really games, there is absolutely no thought involved on my part. I throw the aliens it gives me at the girl, sometimes I need to wait for a blue. Every single one of these games turns into a click-a-thon spam fest. There is no real challenge or point to the game, I don't feel like I win anything when I win. I also don't feel like I lost when I lose. You live or die by RNGesus in every single one of these stupid game. I have no input, no player has any input, it is literally just up to chance. The problem of this game isn't spawn rates, the concept by itself is just really boring.

Now, if there was input, say we have a list of aliens to choose from or something, and we had to actually manage every one of these aspects the game would be much better. Up the difficulty, make the sliders move faster, I don't really care how you balance it, but this conveyor belt thing is stupid.

enjoyed the game ty

Not enough blue but it is a good game

BarbarianBabes responds:

Yeah i think we will be adjusting the blue spawns

Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2016
5:42 PM EST