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Grumpy Turtle

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Author Comments

Grumpy Turtle is so grumpy with being on the ground all the time, also with Eggy's game making lazyness too. Help him achieve happyness by flying high into the air.

Also available on your phone!


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This was pretty fun for a while, but as for the music... I heard it before. I heard it in the game "Bad Pussy" (it's not as sexual as it sounds) and the official name of the song is "The Opera of the Frogs". It is as creepy awesome as it was then as it is now. Good job for creating this game and great job for using that creepy-but-awesome song!

Eggy responds:

Hehe thank you I been wanting to use it for a long time :) It's mostly a mobile game too!

I had a different idea of when I saw "Get the turtle as high as possible"... until I heard the music! Gald I'm not high right now!!! XD Good music, still! But the game itself is a bit dull and redundant, more elements are needed. Still, not too bad! Keep it up!

Eggy responds:

I know I love the song! it's so weird it put you in this different ambient place! :D

I really love the music for this but is there a reason an otherwise harmless game is pushing nightmare fuel out of my speakers?

Anyway, this game isn't bad. I like that hitting knives doesn't really do anything except stop your upward momentum, which means it's really helpful to hit them if you're already on your way down. The launch pad kind of pisses me off since it's hard to predict how long it's going to be off-screen especially when paying attention to everything else. Most of all I think it's somewhat unfair because of the random falling patterns - after a dozen serious attempts I still can't beat my 2nd attempt which got me up to 500 points, and I don't think I'm getting worse at the game.

Eggy responds:

Oh wise kwing

Holy crap, the music!

Eggy responds:

AaAAaaa aaaaaa eeeee aaaa

In no way is this a bad game, it's a good game that could be further improved. It may just be me but it seems the timing of the first launch pad is off a little resulting in a lot of restarts but like I said it could just be me being rubbish at the game. A few less falling objects could be something to look at as the screen seems a little cluttered and finally the music is just... creepy and doesn't really fit the style you have gone for. Maybe something more cheerful and fantasy based would fit? Still, a good game and I enjoyed playing.

Eggy responds:

Thanks for the review :) definitely good advice.