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Sweet Rush

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First Rescue 5 Points

Kill the first veggie

Flavorful 10 Points

Combine two topping

Master Baker 25 Points

Combine each topping

Rich Baker 25 Points

Have 2000 Money

Veggie Buster 50 Points

Defeat the final boss

Author Comments

Sweet Rush is a unique tower defense strategy game developed by:
www.smallfarmstudio.com & www.LittleGiantWorld.com
In this game your main goal is to cure the bad vegetable, and prevent them passing the finish line.
Make dough (tower) as many as you can, put dough on the right place, and find the special recipe to make the dough more powerfull.

- B to buy dough (build tower)
- S to sell dough (sell tower)
- Click to select and upgrade dough (tower)

Visit our
- Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Littlegiantworld
- Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleGiantWorld

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I am really gonna need to hold back on this review but .. so Im not sure what i dont like less like theres the boring game play that has a boring background and when you put boring +boring its not like adding two negatives its like adding a pile of salty shit in a blender with out a top so.. yeah theres that then theres the skin of the towers ... really like out of all the designs you decide on those i mean cmon you could of had a icon or if you need some art ask for help im sure some one would do it for free its so easy to draw that small amount of space for most artist .. ugh theres a little how to play if your gonna make a how to play make sure the player knows how to start and build step by step you cant have a open board and be like "here play this!" its like if i went up to a cave man that around the dinos time and pulled out a monopoly board and said here roll the dice and see whos going first and lets play.. CMON CMONN thanks for wasting my time these achievements are not even worth the game play if theres no enjoyment there is no game PERIOD

Really fun for the first hour until you realize around level 10 there is no more challenge left.

after that it becomes a laggy mess of overpowered towers with no threat of losing a life.

Also there is alot of descriptions that dont make any sense. some examples of this are:
hidden shoot
chain shot
one shot bullet
cheaper cookies
I have no idea what these are supposed to mean. Never came across an option to buy cookies. furthermore, you should add a stat menu for each tower so when some one takes the perk +15% red damage, they can visually see their towers strength increase.

red, yellow, green= hidden shot, poison shot. (longest range tower)
red, red, yellow = teleport shot
yellow, yellow, red = +critial chance (my personal favorite for high damage)
yellow,yellow green= chain bullet
green, red, red = one shot bullet

Very nice tower defense!
A 2. and 3. Speedup would be nice.

Hooo, very nice game, fun and have a warm atmosphere.
I stumbled a bug/glitch or whatever, when your tower(candy) line is very strong and powerful in a way that every single veggie that poped up from their portal is dead before the next vegie poped up, it will be an endless loop and the level won't clear(this happened in the last wave). I got 150+ combo and the only way I managed to make the level end, is by selling some of my towers around the veggie portal so I gave them a breath to come out first, and yes it solved the problem. 5 stars though, considering your effort in making this fun game.

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you for playing our game, we will check it again.

Decent tower game. but it needs some work. not being able to upgrade the towers in the game is annoying. (other than upgrading the orbs after the level) most of the levels I build all the towers I can 2 or 3 rounds in then i just sit on thousand of coins without being able to spend them. also some of the goal areas glitch. I had monsters going through my towers and taking lives away even though the goal was marked on the other side of the map and not blocked.

LittleGiantWorld responds:

Hey, thank you for playing our game, you can upgrade your tower by clicking it (the tower you wan to upgrade). You will see the upgrade menu.

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2016
12:28 AM EST