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There's not always a light on the other end.

Author Comments

This is a weird little bleak thingy I made over the past three or four days.

Thanks for playing.

Collect the sad faces, and avoid the happy ones to gain points. Earn the required amount to move to the next "day"

-Hold X or P to dash
-Arrow keys or a/d to move

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/08jackt
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Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/08jackt

PS. Alula 3 will be coming ASAP

Patch 2.0 (April 6th 2016):
-Cut dream minigame length in half
-Rebalanced difficulty
-Added collectables which reward you points
-Made less boring (lol)


The art style is great.
The story is depressing but...
there's one thing.
That bothers me.


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JackAstral responds:


You know, now that you mention it...the font does look kinda like the GTA one lol

One of the best cinematic experiences I've ever played on a website.

At a glance the story is generic, but it unfolds quickly and begins to really get you involved. This is no run-of-the-mill atmospheric wanderer, this is real.

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JackAstral responds:

Thank you :)

Well, i feel like the game give exactly what should give.
Everyday is the same thing, even with hapiness around, it's all kind of grey... the days don't change, they just become larger, boring and endless. (In the game, becomes harder, it's just a view-point)
Then, after so much effort, the end is so stupid, all your effort goes away, and the game (of life) finish.

Sry grammar

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JackAstral responds:


This game is incredibly repetitive and not worth it, apparently. Judging from the comments you torture yourself with that impossible last day just to get shot in the head. I've been playing that last day for an hour and I'm about ready to do the same. I stuck around for that 50 point medal, but it just isn't possible for me to get it.

JackAstral responds:

Updated the game! Difficulty is more fair- sorry about that!

As someone who has followed you for years this was quite the emotional experience. Had you been another creator, I just would've quit the game, but I held out thinking you would do something to make up for it. I played that last level for 10 MINUTES (i don't know what it must've been like before) just because I wanted to make sure you didn't just end the game will the dude killing himself.

Oh well.

Even besides that the game is borderline indefensible. You are playing someone who suffers from depression and depict them doing everything they can to not be happy. The most frustrating part of the game literally has you dodging happiness. WTF dude. I would like to say you were trying to do something good, but it came off as teenage angst that in the end just forces you to lead the embodiment of misery-guts to kill himself.

Touch on serious topics, fine, but put some thought into it man. You are more creative than this.

Here is my recommendation. Have a game where the gameplay feels like the emotion you are trying to present. Also, have a sad story that ends on a happy note. Maybe it is just the ones I've played, but your games have a tendency to get you invested and then just ending suddenly with "yep, life sucks. Period. Bye."

Keep on keeping on. I know your best work is ahead of you. I don't want to be mean, I just thought I would let you know.

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JackAstral responds:

This project was kinda created as an alternate to my other game The Darkness Within You, hence the final medal description saying "there's not always a light at the other end"- a reference to that game's ending

While that one ended in an uplifting way, I guess this tried to show an alternative ending- if the character didn't try to find the light, and instead searched for darkness. That's why you're collecting sadness and avoiding happiness...builds on the whole light/dark (life/death) metaphor thing that's in almost all my games

I've updated the game a bit to curve the difficulty and make it a bit more exciting and fast paced...probably should have done that sooner :p

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Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2016
4:03 PM EST
Adventure - Other