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There's not always a light on the other end.

Author Comments

This is a weird little bleak thingy I made over the past three or four days.

Thanks for playing.

Collect the sad faces, and avoid the happy ones to gain points. Earn the required amount to move to the next "day"

-Hold X or P to dash
-Arrow keys or a/d to move

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PS. Alula 3 will be coming ASAP

Patch 2.0 (April 6th 2016):
-Cut dream minigame length in half
-Rebalanced difficulty
-Added collectables which reward you points
-Made less boring (lol)


This is pretty good but the gameplay could've been done better and be more varied. I was also surprised that a retro version of the theme from Terminator 2: Judgement Day plays at the credits. That's a nice twist. Great job, nonetheless.

Lets start with the not so great.
The gameplay is quite repetitve and there is barely any challenge.
the dash mechanic/ability is useless and it was easier to stand still and slighty move to the left or the right instead.
Now the good stuff :D
The art direction is absolutely chilling it basically makes the concept pop.
It's blurred graphics are very detailed and isn't trying to be a homage to any retro game which makes it original.
the dialogue is basically describes depression doing the theme justice.

for something made in 3 or 4 days it shows with the very repetitve gameplay but the concept is done well, and it did a bit of justice.

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nice concept and music,but very boring gameplay

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I had the impression of playing the conclusion of a story I'll never know. As I play the character, I ask myself: Who am I? Why am I depressed? What led me to this cycle? Clearly, the game isn't made to be won, fate meets end, I never seek help; it seems I am too helpless for that. But that's about it, no significant character development to avoid saying none. As I said, the state of the story looks like you just wrote the end and omitted the rest. This leaves me with the cruel feeling of not caring for the character, may he die, I've only played the end of his part, I have no way to truly appreciate who he is.

As for the world itself, I see a theme here. Where every pixel is grey and large, the chunks of the world are abnormal and separated akin to a fantasy skyland, with sci-fi teleporters here and there. Happiness leads to death, avoiding it is meeting victory conditions. Opening your heart to more displeasing thoughts and somehow being fine with that. I conclude the character may experience extremely blank, repetitive, sad and confusing world, however he seems as blind to help as he is colourblind and I would be depressive too if I had to hear this song everyday; I can understand why the only vegetation is what appears to be grass.

The game itself is exactly what the character of the game feels; sadly repetitive and we have to cope with it to see the end, which is, you may have heard of it enough by now, unsatisfying. Overall, the game isn't too terrible, but it could improve graphic wise, story wise and animation wise. Your mini games are over used and unflavoured enough that I don't see how it could be fixed.

Graphics are OK, gameplay is pretty repetitive and not very challenging...
But the concept.. I've been dealing with chronic depression for a while, and this is exactly what it feels like.. even the dreams with the heart chasing the sad smiley's. So you got me there, quite powerfully I would say.

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Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2016
4:03 PM EST
Adventure - Other