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Mighty Purple Orb

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Educated Orb 5 Points

Learn about all the power-ups in the "?" section

Enlightened Orb 5 Points

Read both pages of the credits section

Suicide Bomber 5 Points

Commit a suicide

Careful Orb 10 Points

Finish Mission1 without being harmed at all

Even More Precise 10 Points

Finish Shooting Challenge4 with 70+ shots left

Fast Shooter 10 Points

Finish Shooting Challenge1 with 20+ seconds left

Quite Precise 10 Points

Finish Shooting Challenge2 with 70+ shots left

Rapid Shooter 10 Points

Finish Shooting Challenge3 with 20+ seconds left

Ready To Go 10 Points

Play and complete the Tutorial Mission

Alternative Orb 25 Points

Finish Mission5 using mouse movement controls

Flying Orb 25 Points

Finish Mission7 with 40+ seconds left

Resourceful Orb 25 Points

Finish Mission12 with 30+ seconds left

Shooting Perfectionist 25 Points

Finish Shooting Challenge5 with all 3 bonus stars

Solid Score 25 Points

Score more than 10000 points

Badass Orb 50 Points

Finish Mission9 on hard difficulty

Impressive Score 50 Points

Score more than 20000 points

Insane Orb 100 Points

Finish Mission13 on insane difficulty

Victorious Purple Orb 100 Points

Beat the game

Author Comments

Hi Newgrounds. I present to you my 8th game - "MIGHTY PURPLE ORB OF ETERNAL POWER with 5 little white balls gravitating around it".

>> "Mighty Purple Orb" is a challenging puzzle/skill game in which you can break through the environment by shooting holes in the walls. It is a sequel of "Mighty Red Orb", a game which was released in 2009.

>> 2 ways to control the orb - pick the one that suits you best:
1. Move and shoot with the MOUSE, the orb will follow the mouse cursor, press SPACE to hold the orb in place
2. WASD or ARROW KEYS + aim and shoot with the MOUSE

>> There are: 15 missions and one Super Extra Ultra Mega Giga Hyper Uber Final Mission

>> 5 shooting practice challenges in which you have to take down moving targets

>> 18 Newgrounds medals to be achieved

>> Newgrounds High Scores supported

>> 3 difficulty settings, with score multiplier if you play on "hard" or "insane", make sure to play on "insane" if you want to get a really high score

>> There is a tutorial mission which briefly explains the important aspects of the game

>> Many power-ups: health, speed up, slow down, bullet speed up and down, time up, the notorious confusion power-up, etc. etc. etc.

>> Music by Georgios Pesios and Nick Loach

>> Voices by the one and only Mick Lauer aka RicePirate

Apparently some browsers handle this game better than others. Please try a different browser before you rate it low!
Also dim the lights for better experience!

Thank you for playing my games and all the support through the years
- Hristo

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Hmm, it appears I am only the second person, at least on Newgrounds, to finish the game. Is everyone else experiencing lag? It played flawlessly through the NG Player for me. The whole game took about three hours to finish, and I think the ending's pretty cool.
I preferred to use mouse controls as they allow more precise movement and have an easy way to stop oneself. The score multiplier was a good idea, and I liked trying to get the emerald gems for extra points, but you really should be able submit your score without ending the game. Still, very fun, and worth it to complete.

The game is allright, but the flash engine is getting a pretty choppy framerate to be enjoyable. This could be so much better on Unity.

RatherRandomReality responds:

I know, a lot of people are complaining about the lag, I even reduced the quality a bit in hope of making it run better. I runs perfectly on my machine, the same one I developed it on, so I don't know what to say really.

Pretty cool, man...i'll try later get this medals \;)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Hey thanks and good luck with the medals, some of them are not easy to get!

If I was little, maybe I would enjoy it. But Im sure that I couldn't have done better

Seems like you put a lot of work into this. I don't anything to say to you. THE CONTROLS ARE LAAAAME