Between Humans and Furries

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End a war that is going on between two species by ambushing them. Controls are arrow keys to move and left click to shoot. Careful of the snipers, two shots and you're dead!


The game has bad art, quick death, and you can't even move your character. The rotations defy all logical perspectives, unless you are spinning on the floor. The furries aren't even in fursuits.

Nothing about this game works. The only people not giving this game a 0 are trolls.

This should never have made it through testing.

cerealdude559 responds:

The game was hooked on life support. End of story, lol.

Why this games even exist?, realy, i hurt my ears playing this piece of....

Don't even know what's going on. Everything I shoot at doesn't get hurt and everything kills me within a few seconds -sometimes for no reason. Needs quite bit more work before I can give this any stars.

0/10 can't be on furries team

cerealdude559 responds:

Well, can't do anything 'bout that lol

I see that in the dark future of 2019, the terrorists perfected a suicide vest that creates an everlasting explosion
And so America lost all of its ongoing wars, bacon was banned around the world, and people had to use their left hand instead of toilet paper.

cerealdude559 responds:

Thanks for the five stars also...MURICA!!

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1.65 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2016
4:06 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional