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Half of the Danish court lies dead after a series of puzzling macabre events. It's your job to untangle this mess and find out who did what to whom, why, when and how. To do this, you need to interrogate the gravedigger (you can do that in plain English). Apparently, he has all the information you need. The problem is that he's a bit thick and might need some tight questioning.

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YES!! I DID IT! I HAVE CONVINCE AMBER!!!!!!.... but really... is he going to heaven? The last word I have told him was "That is if you belive him or not. My friend. as far as I can tell. You are no angel if you have no wings. But you getting there." But you see the way he has his crown like that?

Great game!!!

How did rosy and guildo die?
Who hanged them?
What was in the letter?
What was in the letter?
When did they die?
Did they die in England?
Who killed polonius?
Where did polonius die?
When did he die?
How did he die?
Who did jr think was behind the curtain?
Where did jr die?
When did he die?
Who killed him?
Who was in the team?
Why did laertes stab jr?
How did jr die?
How was jr poisoned?
Was laertes stabbed by his own sword?
Was laertes stabbed by his own sword?
When did Laertes die?
Where did he die?
Did jr kill laertes?
Did jr kill laertes?
When did Ophelia die?
Did she kill herself?
Where did she die?
Where is the water?
Did she drown?
Was she insane?
When did Gertrude die?
Where did she die?
How did she die?
Did Claudius kill Gertrude?
Why did Claudius kill Gertrude?
Did jr kill claudius?
When did Claudius die?
Where did he die?
Why did jr kill claudius?
What are those reasons?
How did jr poison claudius?
When did sr die?
Where did he die?
Did claudius kill sr?
Did claudius kill sr?
How did sr die?
Why did Claudius kill sr?
Did claudius love gertrude?

Interacting with a game entirely through typing is a fun change of pace. However, the game has several problems that prevent me from giving it a firm recommendation: 1. There is this pause between when you enter the lines and when the grave digger responds that make it seem like the game has crashed. 2. Unless you read the play or checked online, it is basically impossible to deduce and infer how Rosencrantz and Guildenstern died, mostly because there are no hints that they died in England or that Hamlet swapped out the letters. 3. This is the most important point, there is no replay value. Once you know how to get all of the answers out of the grave digger there is no point in playing the game again because it will not be any different. In short, I liked the game, but it was frustrating in places and I do not intend to play it again.

Finished it. Took me a lot longer than it should have. A lot of times, GD will tell the answer but the X wont appear on grave. Getting the way gilden and rosen were killed, in particular, was a pain. I found several sentences that said they were hung before finding the one that activate the X.

Needs a save feature and something to reward players who go through it all. It would be usefull if pressing the up key copy pasted the last sentence... and if the ingame copy paste feature didn't crash the game.