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Sonic D!: "Knux Revenge Begins!" Ep1 - S1

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Feb 9, 2016 | 1:22 AM EST

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Author Comments

-This is not cannon to any of the Sonic games or shows its just fan created show!-

This takes place eight months, after the pilot Episode so Sonic is still getting over the loss of a friend.


Q&A: Every episode will have different Q&A's.

How many Episodes/Seasons are you thinking of making?:
Well since I just started, I have no real date of when I'm gonna stop making episodes since it is pretty simple but I guess every show has to end at some point so I think around Season 12 I'll be out of ideas and if not I'll do more.

Why are you inactive most of the time?:
Well I only get on new grounds to post Videos, other then that I'm on YouTube most of the time. And not to say new grounds is bad or anything I just like YouTube a bit more.

Voice actors?: Okay if I ever put voices into Sonic D, it wouldn't even be in this season not even season two. Maybe not even three but only time will tell right?

Other Shows?: My main focus is Sonic D right now, since I just started it and once I get a fan base for it. I might go on to other projects but into then I Sonic D is my main focus, and even if I make other shows Sonic D will stay the main focus.


Recording button showing up:
I'm trying my best to keep the recording button out of the series, but mistakes happen. And since I basically have to record everything in one go with no retakes well unless I want to make the video over again entirely.
I have to wait into the recording is done, into I can see or edit the footage. So I'll just let the recording button slide this season but don't inspect to see any of the Recording button in S2.


To see episodes ahead of time, and maybe even if your fast enough you might see them before they get edited. Hopefully you wont because unedited there about ten minutes long.

YouTube channel links:

Songs used: Touchpoint

(Just in case you didn't know I don't own Sega or the Sonic series.)

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a Sprite Movie, Haters leave now!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well it made it out of the pilot so instant 4.5 stars from me.