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Daily Routine

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- Controls -
Drag/Use/Interact : Mouse

Warning : the game will not explains what to do, you will have to discover it by yourself ;)

Game made in 48H for the Global Game Jam.
The theme was Ritual. I hope you'll enjoy it ;)
All the team is very proud to present this game , we worked very hard on it.

- Artists -
Fabienne BOUVIER

- Coding -
Renaud ORY - grandbrinus on Newgrounds -

- Music and Sounds -

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So... umm... I was at the subway part and I thought I'd find and new incident if I clicked on the guy but he sort of... left the game???? Now I'm just staring at a subway train with its doors open waiting for a passenger that will never come. Good idea but pretty buggy.

grandbrinus responds:

Hmm maybe he didn't like you very much.
Yay to be honnest i did that game in two days for the Global Game Jam and i sent it on Newgrounds as it was after the jam (understand : with bugs, graphics issues, not well explained and so on :D )

But you said it was a good idea, and you found out how to reach the menu so the job is done with this game for me :D !
Thanks for playing and for the review ;)

this COULD have been GREAT. unfortunately, movement is a bit hard. the concept is delicious though. the art fits it perfectly. love it.

grandbrinus responds:

thanks dear ! yeah, i got so much problems :O i have to speed up so hard to finish the game in time !

We will see if i can do better next year ! the Global Game Jam starts in two monthes :)
I'll let you know :p !

I suppose the game fits well with its name, Daily Routines. However, I found it boring for seeing the same scenes over and over again. Also, the sound effect makes me feel that the character's life is depressing.

grandbrinus responds:

So we derserve 1* ?
Yes the character life is depressing. Yes we chose to follow the jam theme Ritual in makin the game starting over and over.

Damn, I really REALLY want to like this game but I just dont understand what to do.
I understand that some tasks are time sensitive and that you need to click or drag to complete them to gain incidents but Im on Day 3 now and nothing Im doing is working so Im just giving up and moving onto the next game.

The music on loop like that doesnt help either.

grandbrinus responds:

You have in comments almost all the solution :)
For the telling, the average to complete the game is 5 days
Thanks for your tries and review ;)
Don't worry i'm working on some others games i hope you will appreciate more ;)

It sometimes hangs. Once I got stuck in the bathroom and once at work. It seems that certain timing of actions cause wrong program flow.

Besides, one has to repeat scenes even if completed -- makes the game really boring.

not fully moving the razor to the other end - scene never ended, toothpaste shaking animation looped forever
switch razor in last moment - washes teeth with the razor but no score
coffee is so hard to spill I had to click wildly - arm flickers, scene does not end

grandbrinus responds:

You are right for time limits. Funny that you got the two limits ^^"

And yes, the choice to make the game repeating and repeating is nice to imply the player in the story but can be fastly boring if you fail tons of time.

The coffee ask you to be fast and accurate. It's not that hard when you know the touchy areas.
Thanks for your review.