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Current Version: 1.1.0 - If this number conflicts with the number on the main menu, refresh your cache.
UPDATE 1.1.0
- Added .json exporting and importing, for saving and sharing. Here's an example .json file I made: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e89c4464a64f8b12d3b8baeeab076cf7

- Attempted to fix loop desync and make the transition seamless. While not perfect, is a lot better than the last version.

More loops coming this weekend!
Hello everyone! This is going to be a big project for me. While I silently work on Dead Defense 2, I though I'd experiment with a little music maker. Sorry about the size, but some elements get janked up if I make it smaller.

While there are only 5 or 6 loops of each instrument, I plan on making weekly updates, adding more and more content to further expand the possibilities of Metal Music Maker.

I know it's not perfect: The UI is clunky, the samples sometimes are off sync (if this happens, just stop and start the song again), and there aren't that many loops, but I will definitely address all of these in future updates!



Q: The sliders are out of place!
A: I'm sorry about that, the CSS I used for the sliders is set to the original resolution. If you zoom in or out, it'll shift them out of place. I'll fix this in next week's patch.

Q: I don't want to make metal music. I wanna make [insert genre here]!
A: I plan on making little music makers like this for a variety of genres. Stay tuned!

Q: Lame
A: Just like ur mum LOLOLOLOLOL
(I don't mean it. Your mom is a lovely person)


i'm in no way technologically savy, but i grew up with a little game called MTV music maker. i spent YEARS just screwing with it, but as we moved into windows xp, 7,8,vista,10, making it compatable again became too much trouble untill its just junk to me atm. ive heard of music maker2, and possibly a 3rd, but not sure. perhaps you could break down MTV music maker code to find the riff transition smoothing you require?

also, i know you said you would add more selection, considering technically its only one song atm, jsut broken up so u can have a little control. i would be extatic if you were trying to create a 2016 of your own "MTV music maker" if you put in the time to add the hundreds of riffs and etc.

may i also suggest at the time that you solve the riff transition smoothing your export button instead converts the song to a mp3 or what have you as mtv did so we could listen to our concoctions in our audio players.

Honestly cant say anything bad about it. Its pretty fun to try out different combos. Well done.

Pr0tagonist responds:

The delay between loops is preventing perfection, and nobody will help me solve it ;-;

Glad you enjoyed it though!

it remind me the punkomatic, very simple, but very good!
great work.

I rate this a solid 5, not as an end all be all metal maker, but as a symbol to greenlight what I feel could be a true project

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Pr0tagonist responds:

Thanks a lot, bleed! I hope your faith in me will not be in vain! I'll keep working hard on this :)

Pretty metal man, pretty metal. I'm taking half a star for the delay between bars, and half for the lack of interactivity, as some of the reviewers below have noted; but I still think that what you've got here is pretty sick shit. The samples you've got are very nice, and there is a good bit of variety here; though I think some more options would be appreciated (like some slower tracks to make a more plodding, doom-metal like song, or something faster and more frantic). All in all though, a very good start for something greater, and I look forward to seeing what you put out in the future.

Pr0tagonist responds:

I think this is a fair, if not generous rating. I'd like to thank you for being honest and thorough in your review, and I definitely will take your feedback into consideration!

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Feb 7, 2016
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