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Current Version: 1.1.0 - If this number conflicts with the number on the main menu, refresh your cache.
UPDATE 1.1.0
- Added .json exporting and importing, for saving and sharing. Here's an example .json file I made: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e89c4464a64f8b12d3b8baeeab076cf7

- Attempted to fix loop desync and make the transition seamless. While not perfect, is a lot better than the last version.

More loops coming this weekend!
Hello everyone! This is going to be a big project for me. While I silently work on Dead Defense 2, I though I'd experiment with a little music maker. Sorry about the size, but some elements get janked up if I make it smaller.

While there are only 5 or 6 loops of each instrument, I plan on making weekly updates, adding more and more content to further expand the possibilities of Metal Music Maker.

I know it's not perfect: The UI is clunky, the samples sometimes are off sync (if this happens, just stop and start the song again), and there aren't that many loops, but I will definitely address all of these in future updates!



Q: The sliders are out of place!
A: I'm sorry about that, the CSS I used for the sliders is set to the original resolution. If you zoom in or out, it'll shift them out of place. I'll fix this in next week's patch.

Q: I don't want to make metal music. I wanna make [insert genre here]!
A: I plan on making little music makers like this for a variety of genres. Stay tuned!

Q: Lame
A: Just like ur mum LOLOLOLOLOL
(I don't mean it. Your mom is a lovely person)


It's like a very lame knockoff of Punkomatic. I have no beans with Punkomatic (2 especially has been used to do some very fantastic things).

This however...the rhythm and bass guitars use the same riffs, as do the low and high leads (and they have three fewer than the rhythm!); didn't even bother to look at the drums.

And much unlike punkomatic you can't interrupt a sample because one block equals one riff rather than having one riff extend over three, four, or even five blocks, which severely limits the sort of things you can do with the guitar samples you have here...

The weak-ass pop-shredder chords will get annoying to listen to very fast while you try to piece together a "heavy metal" song.

All in all it's an exceedingly subpar attempt at copying one of the better music toys on the net and Newgrounds does not benefit from having it.

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Pr0tagonist responds:


it would be better if the gap between the loops don't break the rhythm

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Pr0tagonist responds:


Would be great but there is break between loops so beat doesn't stay in rhythm. Would not matter if there would be just one beat in every block but with 4 it causes problems. 1 beat would be too short for some guitar and other stuff tho. Hope you can get that fixed and this will rule.

Pr0tagonist responds:

Definitely trying my best to fix it, man! Thanks for the review!

So I'm reading your previous comments to reviews and came across one that makes you look like a pretentious prick. Someone mentioned that there are no instructions, (which there aren't AND you should have provided) so you go on to say insults to the effect that, "Even a monkey could understand" "crappy monitor", "Learn how to learn."

But then I come across another negative review and your like thanks for the critique. Which is it? Either you can handle critique, or you can't.

To the actual review: little variation, no instructions, and pretty bland. Not front page material in my opinion. One of the largest parts of music, the drums, have the same notes/tempo except variant 4, and even that only has one little change.

Pr0tagonist responds:

Lol, I didn't even notice it was front page! Whyyyy though.

I'm actually gonna go back and change that review. I was having a bad day.

Sweet game!! Loving it!!!

You should make more of these type of games!

Pr0tagonist responds:

Thanks! I'm actually thinking of doing a chiptune maker soon, but I want to figure out how to fix the lag inbetween loops before moving on.

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Feb 7, 2016
1:00 PM EST
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