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Metal Music Maker

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Current Version: 1.1.0 - If this number conflicts with the number on the main menu, refresh your cache.
UPDATE 1.1.0
- Added .json exporting and importing, for saving and sharing. Here's an example .json file I made: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e89c4464a64f8b12d3b8baeeab076cf7

- Attempted to fix loop desync and make the transition seamless. While not perfect, is a lot better than the last version.

More loops coming this weekend!
Hello everyone! This is going to be a big project for me. While I silently work on Dead Defense 2, I though I'd experiment with a little music maker. Sorry about the size, but some elements get janked up if I make it smaller.

While there are only 5 or 6 loops of each instrument, I plan on making weekly updates, adding more and more content to further expand the possibilities of Metal Music Maker.

I know it's not perfect: The UI is clunky, the samples sometimes are off sync (if this happens, just stop and start the song again), and there aren't that many loops, but I will definitely address all of these in future updates!



Q: The sliders are out of place!
A: I'm sorry about that, the CSS I used for the sliders is set to the original resolution. If you zoom in or out, it'll shift them out of place. I'll fix this in next week's patch.

Q: I don't want to make metal music. I wanna make [insert genre here]!
A: I plan on making little music makers like this for a variety of genres. Stay tuned!

Q: Lame
A: Just like ur mum LOLOLOLOLOL
(I don't mean it. Your mom is a lovely person)

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its okay i would like it if the red line moved more with the music you have made and maybe a pause option as well and being able to make changes to the music on the fly so if there is a 0 in the next bar, it will play if you change it

larrynachos responds:

I should really revisit this concept, I know a lot more about arrays than I did back then :) Thanks for the review!

Think its broke, I keep pressing play and nothing's happening

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, me too :( I talked to Tom about it, sounds like it's something to do with browsers changing how they read html data. It wasn't anything too extraordinary, I highly recommend you play Punk O Matic

can you export the music, because it doesn't work ?

Also i think its amazing!

larrynachos responds:

I'm not sure what happened, but now I can't seem to get this game to work on chrome anymore. Maybe try firefox?

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

i did not know how to play it for an hour then i look at the left man i'm so dumb XD

I love it

larrynachos responds:

I love YOU

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2016
1:00 PM EST