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Blacksmith Lab

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Be a true blacksmith in this crazy-mixed idle game! Try all that you have: marketplace, bank, upgrades lab, news and more - to level up!
Controls: mouse only.

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The game itself was pretty entertaining and very easy to play. I liked that there are a variety of ways to strategize to both maximize the money you can get and also lower the prices of things. I did manage to play through all 50 levels, upgrade all the abilities to their max level of 30, and therefore obviously got all the upgrades to mining/forging/enchanting. It was a fun way to pass the time.

My only complaints are that I think the upgrades levels are a little nonsensical. I knew I was upgrading things to higher levels, but the percent increase fluctuated between each level and there wasn't really a way to tell either for the upgrades or just levels in general how far you are into the process. There is also the fact that the game just doesn't have much replayability in my opinion, both because I don't see the point in replaying an idle clicker, and also there's no actual way I can see within the game to restart.

Oh, and apologies for how long this is, but I have seen some comments on this game claiming that without an autoclicker that this game is impossible and that is 100% not true. Honestly the easiest way to get the higher level things is to turn off auto enchanter until you've forged enough (the game doesn't penalize you for taking a while to fill an order so there's no reason to stress over getting it in that first appearance) and then just solely use the actual job time to enchant.

This was a very good Clicker game! I opened all the items, materials and enchants. I also Maxed out all the boosts. I got to level 31, as i thought 30 might be the end of the quest lines, but assuming its an endless generated questline, its nice to not have an end game if i so choose. This game gave me an element of strategy with the quests and the News articles that i dont see in other clicker games. The music was nice, i enjoyed listening to it even after a few hours of play. The game play was not confusing at all if you are familiar with clicker games and yes, i did use an auto clicker but that's not because the game was boring to do it manually, but it was because i dont want to put more wear and tear on my mouse if i don't need to. Also it was a nice touch about putting the random "Production was stopped, put out fire" to stop cheaters from leaving the game running all night. Great job Developer!

Yepp, not bad at all! Buuut, could be better :/ (sorry)
I find myself in a bit of a loop after a while.
Maybe put in some more gameplay elements for more variety?
Keep up the good work!

I love the graphics and UI of the game. It was a tiny bit confusing as first but after I got the hang of the game, I fell in love with it.

This has an amazing idea! I love the graphics and the way the layout is set. One of the best idle games i have played in a while.