Spacegirl 3

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Before she escapes you must use your xenobits to tear through this busty space princess's clothing and ravish her- get her good and loosened up to impregnate for the glory of the Grand Xenozork!

Once she's infected she will give birth to an entirely new type of xenobit that will be used in future levels!


there are 10 sec times when no alians are on the screan, this makes it very tricky to win but is fixed in later versions

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How many Xenobits do I have to spawn to be able to unlock the green Xenobit like in Spacegirl 4?

BarbarianBabes responds:

the green one is not available in part 3 :(

only part 4 and above

I have to agree with previous comment on blue bit spawn rate. In my first play through, the first blue bit didn't show up until the Escape bar was already half full. After the first stage armor, the bar went to about 70% full before the next blue bit appeared, and after getting the bottoms off, she escaped before another showed up. Sparsity does not equal difficulty if it creates a condition that prevents the game from being winnable at all. I'm not saying flood the place with blue bits, but even doubling the current rate would leave some difficulty intact.

The concept and art are still good, the timing is the only tweak I think it needs.

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BarbarianBabes responds:

Sounds like you're not using the green aliens, they will reduce her escape timer. You can reduce it all the way back to zero, with lots of greens, oranges and tickling!

I have to agree with FourthPalidin- too much time waiting for blue bits. You need a blue bit to do anythibg then enough red bits and pink bits to advance. when you finally got the armor off (and it all finally comes off a couple reds AFTER the armor bar disappears), reds are useless. A new blue should spawn within 1 second of last getting killed, so you can actually do something before the excitement bar drops again.

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BarbarianBabes responds:

That would remove the difficulty completely, might as well have her not shoot at all lol. The randomness can be frustrating but it is definitely doable, which is why you have so many extra xenobits!

As for the red ones they will give her lots of pleasure once the armor is gone, so red and orange can both be used to finish her off- you just have to watch the rage meter because reds add anger.

xenobit spawn takes too long and often not the right creature needed to win. fix that.

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Feb 5, 2016
4:23 PM EST