The Hunt

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Threat 5 Points

A deathly forewarning

Oracle 10 Points

Premonition of imminent misfortune

Cursed 25 Points

A slave for all eternity

Demon 25 Points

An evil encounter

Author Comments

For thousands of years the Elk King has cursed this forest and all that inhabit it. Seek out this demon and end it’s dreadful curse.

Walkthrough ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm11PnwAhUI


The weirdest thing happened. I ended up hearing these sounds of all the medals coming up, but there were more than was possible. It must be something with this new laptop. I guess this game was quite good. Yep, I looked at the walkthrough. You put some pretty clever stuff there.

I certainly had little idea what would happen next. It's a pretty easy going game. Then again, I guess all point and click adventure games are like that. There's not much else to do! It's still nice.

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It was ok, the shovels hitbox was a bit weird, I clicked the metal part that was sticking out and nothing happened, I think that should be included.
Also there should be a repeat button instead of having to reload the page after you end the game, in case I missed it I apologize.
Additionaly I'd have liked some kind of timer or QTE on the fighting screens, it kind of doesn't carry out the purpose of a fighting screen if there is no way to get hurt or die in my opinion.

For anyone wondering how to get the Oracle Achievement, there is a bush on the left once you get up the wooden stairs in the cave, I swear I must have repeated the game like three times to figure that out so go ahead and save yourself some time.

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At first glance, I thought that this game can't scary me, but...I guess I was wrong. The scare was good planed, so the player isn't going to let his guard down from now on. Interesting game...5/5.

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Excellent timing. Just as I was setting back, telling myself that its not the kind of game where I can die if I can follow a trail of blood into a cave and take the prize without any problem when OMG WOLVES TEETHS AND EVIL EYES EVERYWHERE ok they were not so tough OMG THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!

I wish I could give a higher review for this game; it has absolutely gorgeous art and music, and an absorbing atmosphere.
It's just some quirks about the game play and hidden items, etc...
Some of the items were hidden to the point where you cannot tell where the hell the are, or that their even there at all, like the ladder in the cave.
Some items are sooooo finicky, I would have to try it multiple times in order for it to work, I tried digging the grave for long enough that I gave up and tried to look up what I was supposed to do, and it turns out it just wouldnt register my clicks, or, something.
The text, excluding the combat, is pretty small, you have to kinda squint to read it, no big deal though. Also, there should be a separate mute button for sound and music. Plus, since there are multiple endings, people will definitely want to see all of them. Put a menu after beating the game, that will give the player the option to start over, or put them in a place where they can easily choose the other ending, so they don't have to reload the entire page.
And, although the art is lovely, I would just change the way dead things are drawn. So, instead of having what looks like a bloody piece of paper in the shape a wolf lying on the ground, you could make them look like they were a living creature; as opposed to a kid pretending to fight off cardboard bears.
I really liked the simplistic, yet alluring story. The only thing I would change is instead of talking about that surviving guy as if it's a news paper article, because it seemed like the person you play as seemed to know him. So, just a little link between the main character and that survivor, along with a little more insight on said main character.
Also, with the shovel near the tree...
How the hell is ANYONE supposed to know that's there?
I checked both by playing through the game a few times, and by watching the walkthrough video, and there is NOTHING there to indicate the tree was hiding something. Nothing. An owl in the tree that hoots when you click on it is not a hint, since other things did the same thing when clicked, and did absolutely nothing.

But, I really liked this game! The art is phenomenal, the sound design is great, and the music alone is very atmospheric and goes well with the art choice. I also liked your idea of using a native american theme; it made it feel a little more atmospheric to talk about it as a legend that's been around for a few hundred years, instead of 'a mysterious figure killed my dad, imma go kill it'.
I hope I see more interesting games with similar art, music, and sound! :D

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RunningZombie responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.

In the future I can definitely make the hit boxes larger so that using items is easier(shovel on grave). In previous builds I had the shovel in complete sight but thought it was too easy. So it's a matter of finding the balance between too easy and too difficult. Thank you for the review and suggestions!

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3.52 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2016
12:16 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click