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Darkest Dungeon cartoon

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proud to be at least im free

Love how you draw men

Really like the dark shaded style you used for the animation, since it really blends in with the dungeon setting-like setting that the small party is in. But aww man, they lost their tank in the end. :-(

Moral of the story - always keep the torch alive!

wow, this was a very nice and atmospheric medieval/fantasy battle movie, i liked how nicely drawn were all the characters, from the crusader/knight, to the gunman, to the mage, to the mace-dude who was crushing the undead's heads...
everyone's outfit, armour and face was nicely drawn, and with a detailed manner.
i liked it alot.

oh, and -SPOILERS-

also, i liked the part, when, after the torch of the gunman went out, they got suddenly surrounded by 1000 skeletons/undead warriors, and they eventually had to fight their way out, with many casualties.

i liked their appearance (before and) after the final battle, i found it cool that you drew the mage as a sado-masochist, with a ball-gag, that the gunman got shivers and he (most likely) ended up insane, and that the knight lost his sword in the heat of the battle, and had to rely on a skeleton's club in order to survive, and he was covered in blood.

it was the perfect ending to a legendary, bloody battle.

it was a perfectly planned and awesomely animated movie.
my only complaints is that it didnt had a preloader or a play/replay button, and that it was a bit short.
this movie needed more fights, and more action scenes.
other than that, it was awesome tho!

epic work, keep it up!