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Note: This game actually was to suppose to feature a Save Option which allowed you to save your game, come back later and load it. Sadly, Newgrounds was not operational with the programming used for such an option so, we had to replace it with the Checkpoint System instead, sorry.

Welcome to a world of Handguns, Future advanced machines and Laser Guns?

Chromatomb is an adventure where you seek out on a path of revenge to hunt down a lawless crew of criminals that has taken the life of one of your family members. Setting out with nothing but your firearm and a supply of survival skills you plan on hunting them down one by one.

Chromatomb switches in difficulty (it is suppose to) some enemies will sometimes fire at you straight other times they will not be able to hit you at all (they're programmed this way) This is not an error or, an overlooked mistake. The game is programmed this way to give you a fighting chance at surviving without being completely overpowered by a barrage of enemies.

Chromatomb gets tough overtime, this is why the levels are short and sweet but, they get tough overtime indeed. (this is called the, "Learn from failure method") So, to finish up here's what to expect:

- A small supply of upgrades.
- A large supply of weapons.
- Use objects in the environment to take down enemies.
- Some very interesting boss battles.
- Challenges that increase and decrease throughout the game.
- Name and Customize your character's appearance.

- (Warning): This game does include Nudity of both the Male and Female Gender so you've been warned.

As always, Spread the word about the games and us, check the site and show the support. Thanks and enjoy.


The game isn't too bad, but I feel that there is just too much happening on the screen; we've got items, options, description and controls plus the background graphics constantly being shoved in our face. Yes, it doesn't take too long to know how to exit and enter and it's all right of the health and skills bar on the bottom left are hidden when we are reading the description.

That, or just make them smaller so they're not covering a quarter of the screen 24/7.

Newshield responds:

Thanks for the review and playing. Yeah, that's because we test the game out on our computers. It's full screen. Newgrounds only give so much screen to work with. Sorry about that.

The game is very confusing has lots of information, and did not see much playable thing.

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Newshield responds:

The game is more than reading. Are you sure you read the instructions on the screen? Did u even play a mission?

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2.30 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2016
2:14 PM EST
Action - Other