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The Orena

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Oren, a brave warrior, is hunting for a wizard named Liliz. He is hiding in a dungeon, where Oren finds is a maze, with some bat-like animals in it. For him, it is like an arena.

-Arrow keys to move, "Z" key to attack

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As a game there isn't really anything here thats enjoyable. Running down long corridors with nothing to do isn't thrilling and I ended up for some form a dash feature. Attacking works but its kinda jittery and sluggish.

Not much here but I do appreciate the effort though. I hope you take the feedback here and make something great.

This is not a very good game. The corridors are way too long. I found myself constantly running down empty corridors that have dead ends with enemies. Speaking of enemies, I've never seen a game where whenever you kill something you lose health. Well, other than this game of course. Every time I ran into the bats and killed them, they would take away my health. There also isn't a use for making the players think that you actually have a lot of health. In reality, the bats take about a quarter of health for each hit they make. Overall, this game is plain bad.

Good effort.

The game should have more content. There is too much running down empty, long corridors. You should include a plot.

First I thought that going through the walls was a part of the game (just attack in front of a wall without bricks, and walk). But apparently it is a bug. A big one as you go from a corridor to another without pushing the button. I also died before completely being in a corridor, and the game just bugged. Overall it is a nice try, but needs improvements (more stuff , music, etc.)