A Snack in A Castle

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Bad Rocks 50 Points

Buy the rocks upgrade 5 times

Bigger isn't Always Better 50 Points

Buy the size upgrade 5 times

Hungry 50 Points

Buy the food upgrade 5 times

Need For Speed 50 Points

Buy the speed upgrade 5 times

Find The Crown 100 Points

Make it to level 75.

Author Comments

From the creator of toast simulator comes, A Snack In A Castle. It is fun, hopefully. Use the arrow keys to move around. Buy upgrades to make the game easier. Avoid the boulders. Maybe get the fireball, maybe not. Get the food.

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great game. Unfortunately, some medals don't work :(

I'll bite and try to give you a useful review.

The game itself is actually good, the mechanics work well, and the gameplay is good with the upgrade system engaging the player to play for longer than a minute. Of course, you should always try to improve yourself, if you want to make games, and who knows, maybe someday become a pro. The worst and most difficult part in making a game, which is coding, and making the game working, is not a problem, since you already proved that you are capable of that. But what this game obviously needs are good graphics and slightly better sound.

Apparently, you are "no budget games", but the beauty of newgrounds is that you don't need budget, you just need to find someone who can work with you. Search for someone who is good at pixel art (pixel art is an instant 5/5 always, every time), ask that person to create some graphics for your game, then search for someone who is good at making video game songs (there is a whole genre here dedicated only to that), and voila, a good game is made. And of course, don't forget about giving credit when credit is due.

Obviously, I assume that you made this game "just because", but you never know when it stops being a hobby, and becomes a lucrative job. It's much better to start with one good game being a hit, than making thousand meh games.

And that's it from me. Now, I'm going to get drunk, because it's weekend.

Boooo, these are not snacks, these are vegemetables, and they clip weirdly with the rocks.

This is pretty fun. It's a bit challenging, but too hard. Nice job!

Game was alright. I basically bought 5 of everything first to get the first 4 badges just in case I decided to say screw the last badge. Then bought all food upgrades and then most of the rock one. It doesn't really matter though since the game depends on it's spam tactic to try to seem like the game is hard.

After awhile I got tired of trying to avoid and just kamikazed my way through the game to the last badge. Oh look another wall of spam that you can't avoid/. Ramming speed. Since there is a damage pause after getting hit just run through everything make sure to collect the food to keep the hearts the same and you should be fine.

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2016
4:55 AM EST
Skill - Avoid