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Fall through 20 different stages and try to survive and fight off monsters. Choose special abilities and easily change combinations of abilities.

Try to avoid enemies and obstacles.
Use arrow keys or A/D for movement to side.
Use J/K/L or 1/2/3 for activating special abilities.
Use P or ESCAPE or ENTER to pause.

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Let's be a mutton and do like everyone else.

I really enjoy this tough game, I keep playing it, but I just found a bug where if you die while in lost soul form the whispering doesn't stop.

Great game! Good enough graphics, could use some music; I could bring my own, but then I wouldn't hear the skill CD sound effect. Quick & simple to pick up. Good selection of skills, they really work for letting you develop a style, and freely redistributed points make it fun to try everything without worrying about the next level. My final skill set was dive, devour, and armagedon[sic], but I can see a real master going with some combination of the final invincibility/drain skill and devour or healing or both.

Only complaint: I didn't gain a level on the first dive, and later, I topped out (level 18) at stage 13. That means the level curve could use some adjustment. Very little exp for your first skill point makes it clear what kind of choices you'll be making throughout the game right away. I have the feeling you didn't want to make it a grind-fest, and it's supposed to ultimately be a game of finger-work, but going through more than half the game without advancing abilities any further doesn't feel right anymore.

Overall this is great, though. Will play sequel!

Very nice game sir. Simple enough to focus on the game mechanics, yet challenging enough to keep the user entertained. Big thumbs up! Also being reminded that there is an end to the game, kept me playing. Upgrading my character was a bonus.

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing visual hallucinations after playing this game? After i finish a level and go to the menu, it looks like the screen is warping or melting. Anyways, this game is a lot of fun. The background art is nice, the music is relaxing, and its a great way to have simple fun. I do like the different abilities you can get too. One thing to note is that the Devour ability might be a little to strong, it seems to be a dominant choice over other spells.

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3.19 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2016
2:58 PM EST
Action - Other