Remember The Fallen

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WASD - Move
Left Mouse - Interact
Right Mouse - Examine

A war memorial walking simulator. Created in 48 hours for The Walking Dead Game Jam under the theme 'All Out War'.

- Joe Kinglake
- Bradley Smith

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A nice but drab little world with melancholy music and theme. I realize that it's supposed to be this way. The game within the world though was tedious. I didn't feel supported to keep going and complete the game.

Great amount of details for a game created in 48 hours! Took me a while to figure out what to do since some elements can be misleadingly red, like the lampposts, or especially the teddy bear. A sprint button might have helped, too. Didn't get any lag, but there is some clipping problems at some places and items can get stuck in walls, nothing that jerking on the item couldn't fix. All in all, a good game and great potential for the author, IMO! Keep it up!

good game

Beautiful game, plays really smoothly. Love the concept. (Not sure what the guy below is on about, it ran perfectly on mine, very smooth and no glitching at all - perhaps his computer?)

I liked the atmosphere, music, and concept. Graphics weren't bad. That being said, I think this game needs some work to be playable. I found the controls laggy and awkward. I could pick up and place the first flower fine (although when I placed it, it glitched into the rifle as if it stabbed through) but was unable to do anything to the second one. At first I wasn't sure if I was just unable to pick it up because of the controls lagging and then jumping, making it difficult to actually put the cursor on the flower. After several attempts I concluded that for whatever reason, I couldn't pick it up. If the issues were to be worked out, it could be a good game.

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2.51 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2016
11:14 PM EST
Adventure - Other