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Candy Truck

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Jan 30, 2016 | 5:34 AM EST

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Play this Candy Truck! The aim of the game is to help the big an transport the required number of Candys to the destination. Clear all the levels by transporting the candys packs. Get more money to upgrade the Trucks for the transport Trucks. Use your arrow keys to move.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

So much wrong with this game and I'm only at the second level. Almost feels like a troll game.

Here's just a few of the problems:
Misleading instructions. There's none in the description and the in-game instructions make it look like 8-way movement. All I can seem to do is use UP to accelerate. I don't even think DOWN to decelerate works.
Unclear start/finish lines. I got to the end of the level (or so I thought) and when I hit the flagpole, I hit the accelerator. Unfortunately for me, this meant a package fell off. I didn't even notice until too late too because.....
Houses blocking your view. When you start the level, instead of your truck being loaded, the crates drop into the back. So, if you start accelerating straight away as comes naturally, you'll lose all your top packages. Not only that but because you can't SEE the packages, you have to wait an extra second just to be sure you can move off.
Movement/physics are iffy. While it's good that the road doesn't launch either your truck or your cargo, it also seems ineffective to try to correct your truck when cargo starts to shift either.
Restarting. Firstly, there's no keyboard shortcut afaik. Second, it should be automatic if you lose your quota.
Garage. First, it should be called "Car Shop" or something. Second, if you click on what looks like an Options button, you'll access the Garage from the level. What your not told is that this will restart your level. If you want to access the Garage outside the level, too bad! You'll have to circle around the menus.
Difficulty level. I'm only up to level 2 and with no upgrades given, required to do 100% cargo drop. What's with the pit trap right near the end of the level?!? I lose 2 crates every time!
Animation. Something is seriously wrong with the tyres. They look like I'm driving in taffy. It messes with gameplay as the visual feedback for speed and momentum is already next to nothing. Also, why is the drive waving all the time? If he had both hands on the wheel and more ropes, he'd do a better job.
Sound. If you mute the game, this game is impassable. With the sound on, it's excruciating. It sounds the engine is stuck in taffy too. Is that a thematic choice? Nicer music though.
Nitpick: Why is he delivering candy in a land MADE OF CANDY?

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Level 3 is impossible. I played it with the 7000$ red truck and it keeps crashing for no reason.