Powerless Character Creator Demo v0.1

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This is a demo for the character creator for Powerless, an adult RPG where you play as a young elf girl who must retake control of her kingdom after a race of orcs invades.
For more information about the development of the full game, check out my blog on Tumblr:

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Would love to see even more of this game. It looks like it will be very good. Increase size of sliders and maybe make a couple bust options. Not everyone likes massive breasts (I like them). Can't wait to see more.

Well again low reviews...

This is so promising. I wasn't expecting a future in flash games like this. Moving camera with your mouse was really cool.

Charcter really seems hot! This is totally one of my fetishs.. Face, body, and Clothes.. Clothes really seems hot. This is really promising we can not wait for more.

But as i see you are making some other games too.

I look at your posts in Legend of Krystal than in tumblr. You are one of the reasons why i am back to this site.

There was only 3 people at my favorites list. Now you are one of them. Please give us something... I know you haven't that time but we are waiting for more. Also i see your sex scene sample and it was really good.

I look for an Patreon page but i couldn't find it. Please when you give us something to play something to ''fap'' open up a patreon page. I will give you a monthly support starting with 15$.

giving a 3.5 due to the customization camera added to mouse, made it difficult to focus on what I wanted... other than that it seems to be a good game coming along

Cannot wait for more!

ok I've noticed a few things im gonna point them out just know i mean this constructively not offensively
first thing will this have a skin color changer not all elves are that skin color and id love to play as a tan skinned or even a dark elf .

the camera being connected to the mouse made customizing her kinda annoying as i couldent focus on the part i wanted to

all in all this demo is very well done and i cant wait to see the full game im rating this 2.5 for now sense it is a demo but once the full game is out i will definitely rate it higher