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Pixel Doom: The Crystal Climb

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Author Comments

Leave your suggestions in the comments. Here are some Controls:


*[Arrows, W, A, S, D] To Move Player
*[M] To Open GUI
*[Esc] To Return Menu


*[Left Mouse Button] To Enable
*[Right Mouse Button] To Disable


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I think the game is alright, but the heavy gravity and lots of traps aren't desirable.

Graphics are okay and sound effects remind me of Mario games.

I really like the graphics but there is nothing spectacular or truly unique.
Good game.

Really amazing!
Cool! ^^

Tanooki81 responds:

Thank ^-^

This game is entertaining. I like the movement and cute main character sprite, but there are some problems with the game.
- Whenever I try to play the game again, the character was already holding the torch and I couldn't move the character. It was only after I refreshed the page that the problem went away.
- there seem to be collectable put into the game that are impossible to reach.
- why not invert the walking and jumping animation with the sprite holding the torch (whenever he is moving left) so that whenever the player moves left, the torch will be in front of them?
- the game really doesn't offer much of a challenge.

my suggestions:
- I'd suggest adding some timed events, where the player has to outrun something
- have the player use the environment in order to defeat enemies, such as having a charging enemy and a spiked wall.
- have an actual weapon to act with that isn't a torch. Maybe like a boomerang or a whip or have multiple ones and have a button to switch between them
- have alternate endings, such as one that will come up if you collect enough gems or all of them.
- have secret areas

These are just a few ideas. Good luck with your next project!

its a nice concept but it reminds me to much of a fnaf mini game

Tanooki81 responds:

actually I had a little inspiration in Fnaf :p

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2016
11:29 AM EST

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