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Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+

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Author Comments

Hey everyone, thank you all for waiting!
This is chapter 9 of the summoners quest games. This is only the Jinx route continuation but, you're not missing much since Vi route is the same, only the interactions are a bit different. I'll post Vi's route tomorrow most likely. Hope you enjoy the game!

As always, patreons get an HD version of the game, so please support us!

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It's rare for me to take interest in games such as this but... it's a good one, made me laugh, made me see that each characters have their own unique characteristics. Solid one indeed.

bad art

good game, although i gotta say it REEEEEEALLLYY Get's to me that i'm forced to Play as a Submissive Cuckold its often times ever Painful just reading soem of this shit.

but that aside you've made some decent content here, and for gods fuckign sakes ditch the cookie-cutter plan give more option's, options that let's you favor 1 or the other evil or good, options on what to say and how to respond to various comment's, order's and suggestion's...

seriously it is nothing Short of Reallity-busting Cancer when i'm forced to act like a submissive, feminized, Limp-dicked little cuckold EVERY!!!! Time i pick an option.
(referring to the whole series, not just this 1 part of the game)

Save the Universe from Destruction..... Give more Deverse and Realistic option's.

*(keep the options you want if you like,)*
*(just don't rape us into acting like Painfully E-Masculine Cuckold's in game.)*

Have loved this series so far, and continue to do so! Looking forward incredibly much for more!

*slaps dick* "thats not how that works"
*slaps it again*
best part ever