Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+

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Hey everyone, thank you all for waiting!
This is chapter 9 of the summoners quest games. This is only the Jinx route continuation but, you're not missing much since Vi route is the same, only the interactions are a bit different. I'll post Vi's route tomorrow most likely. Hope you enjoy the game!

As always, patreons get an HD version of the game, so please support us!

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good game, although i gotta say it REEEEEEALLLYY Get's to me that i'm forced to Play as a Submissive Cuckold its often times ever Painful just reading soem of this shit.

but that aside you've made some decent content here, and for gods fuckign sakes ditch the cookie-cutter plan give more option's, options that let's you favor 1 or the other evil or good, options on what to say and how to respond to various comment's, order's and suggestion's...

seriously it is nothing Short of Reallity-busting Cancer when i'm forced to act like a submissive, feminized, Limp-dicked little cuckold EVERY!!!! Time i pick an option.
(referring to the whole series, not just this 1 part of the game)

Save the Universe from Destruction..... Give more Deverse and Realistic option's.

*(keep the options you want if you like,)*
*(just don't rape us into acting like Painfully E-Masculine Cuckold's in game.)*

Have loved this series so far, and continue to do so! Looking forward incredibly much for more!

*slaps dick* "thats not how that works"
*slaps it again*
best part ever

hoooooooooly fuck that was fucking awesome just story wise i know theres another episode after this one and fuuck im excited to play it but shit dude theres actual character here not just characters theres character here they have FUCKING character how the shit does someone write character into characters for what is essentially a porn series fuck dude NICE

holy shit were you high on adderall when you wrote this? theres like 100 pages of text here with no content.

regardless, the sex scenes are still hot!

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2016
11:17 PM EST
Adventure - Other