Final Extacy 14 (18+)

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Not so much a "game", more an interactive porn flash. This was a (long overdue) commission featuring Y'shtola and the commissioners OC Rin, whom I drew a while back:

Special thanks to Digfree and Apev for helping me code this:

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Needs a second window for anal view.

That was the Best Hentai Game Ever. 10/10 Awesome


pretty good meh

It is a bit loud voice wise, (and doesn't sync at all) and the sound effects are over the top but that aside, the music is at least at a nice volume heh.
And why is literally anything with a "supported by shadbase" centered around some dude's dick? xD (seriously, can a single person on that site draw a proper pussy? xD Or know more than one design?)
At least this one doesn't pull a"psyche!" by pretending to be a canon character they just genderswapped. But still slightly vague on informing on that haha.

Anyhow, surprisingly good hair effect. Vag's rather cookie cutter. (Not flat, but not far from it) And penis doesn't really follow with the body.
Kinda random increase in flesh detail during the cum scenes... the expressions are really well made and detailed. But many of them are kinda, out of place scene wise.
Still, that aside: Very top notch graphic in most of it.

Makes me a bit curious in case you can do stuff with the chick in focus... but that seems to be something less than 10 % of porn artists are able to do.
Heck, recently found out not even Zone can handle that. Atop that they're incompetent at female genitalia. (And, apparently thinks that being attracted to females is a "niche fetish" xD)