Pigs L Pixel

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Diamond dance 5 Points

Perfom the Diamond dance

Flower of pixel 5 Points

find the Flower of pixel

Rage 5 Points

Try Rage

Rage Plus 5 Points

Try Rage twice

Beach check 10 Points

Check and win level 7

Booo check 10 Points

Check and win level 2

China check 10 Points

Check and win level 3

Dinner check 10 Points

Check and win level 6

Farm check 10 Points

win level 1

Mine check 10 Points

Check and win level 7

Safari check 10 Points

check and win level 4

Yellow Key 10 Points

Find the yellow key

City check 25 Points

Check and win level 4

Moon check 25 Points

Check and win level 8

Pixis Ring 25 Points

Found the Pixi´s ring and unlockdouble jump

Vet check 25 Points

Win level 10

All around the world 50 Points

Win any 3 levels

Dinner time 50 Points

Have a dinner time with pixi

Free constipation dance 50 Points

just dance

Lake Laguna 50 Points

unlock bonus 1

Pixi 50 Points

Find Pixi

Summer kiss 50 Points

Take Pixi to an island and give her a kiss

Author Comments

Rage game, don´t get mad it just a kind of hard game.
Jump to avoid obstacles on your path, my entry for Pixel Day, Try to find PIxi and other things to help you, once you find the Ring you will able to perform a double jump, it will make your way easier.

On map
move with arrows
move around until you see a number for level, press x to enter level

On game
Press up to Jump and left and right to move
ESC to go back to map
R to restart level

many medals for your collection

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Again, you have a beautiful way of creating games. Very unique. Knowing this is the predecessor to 2Pac-Man, I can see how much you've grown and learned as a developer. This game in particular gives me a Commander Keen Vibe. I love your style, please keep it up and dismiss the haters that don't understand the concept of originality.

great game, the key found in lvl 7
the ring in the in the lvl 2
you have a dinner with pixi when you pass the lvl 6, 8 times (in a little cave)
and you can kiss pixi when you pass the lvl 7, 7 times (in a little beach)

im only giving it half a star because of everythimg. the audio sounds like a glitch, the controls are annoying and stale, THE ENEMEYS ARE HARD AS BALLS, and the vet OH HOW FUNNN!!!! but I like the medals... medal was a smart choice.

Hard at first but once you get the timing down it's a lot of fun. Love the audio!

This game is a lot of fun. I wish a bit more passion could go into minor details when the makers have time to do so. The jumping action, however, is honestly is so off you almost have to jump right before you hit them and it's really nerve racking and difficult. Maybe a double jump function would be great? I like that the controls are simple X and Up (UP ARROW KEY) and the map is awesome. Just another personal idea is maybe some more hidden map items in the caves etc. and more maps to travel on. Make Pixie that Princess Peach gal and You are basically Mario running around in awesome levels to get her back. The graphics, even for pixel, are ok but PLEASE try and work on some outlining or something. Everything blends in together and it doesn't have much depth that you can achieve with pixels. Thank you for creating this fun game. I enjoyed it. I give it 5 stars. It's a bit tough at first to time the jumping (hence my PO Suggestion on the jumping action) and if the character even traveling on the map could have some outlining so it doesn't look like it's apart of the background so much I almost can't find/tell what is what or if it's even there. Again, thank you for the creativity and hard work already put into this game, I think with a few minor fixes and some sprucing up this would be a Zynga or King worthy game! :)

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2016
5:21 PM EST
Skill - Avoid