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Mark of Love Final edition 2016

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The final and complete edition of Mark of Love
Old versions are here
It's was one of my student school movies
Back in the time there wasnt sound production
The music and sound effects have been added in 2016
Musics used for this short by order of appearance :
Special sound effects : Freesound.org
Story/synopsis :
Mark of Love is the story of a powerful sorcerer couple
The Man went into a quest of power with his giant castle and the woman raised her child on her own
The man becoming more powerful and dangerous , she tried one last time to stop him and failed
She was then turned into a Maned wolf...
Hope you'll like it !

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Amazing, Sir you are a one man army.This piece of art reveals it.

airman4 responds:

Thanks a million man !

should get front page... good work.

airman4 responds:

Ohh thanks , i dont know how to get frontpage tough

WOW! This was amazing, keep it up man ;)

airman4 responds:

Thanks a million

Not only is this the best video I've seen all month, it is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen on Newgrounds period! I mean, the animation was just out of the park, the story was suspenseful and tear jerking, and it is just a pure masterpiece. I can see alot of effort was put into this, and I hope you continue to make more projects like this in the future. Really made me happy. :D

airman4 responds:

Thanks ! you almost reduced me to tears too !
Really nice to read those kind of comments
I'll try my best to do other animated stories like this then
Thanks for the support and watch