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This project is more or less dead at this point. I might pick it up again once I get more time and motivation to do it. I'm too lazy, sorry.
Welcome to the Boreal! We hope you enjoy our lovely snowy weather, the biting cold, our top notch accommodations (best on the continent!) equipped with AI security* and our "special" guests living inside!

*Life insurance not applicable.

A and D - Left and Right
Aim - mouse
Fire - left mouse button
Loot/activate - E
Enter doorway - W
Open/Close inventory - I

Thank you for playing!

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Not a terrible game, way too much space between events though made it break the feeling of suspense and immersion. At the end with the elevator if you tried to go left to the previous rooms you're blocked by an invisible wall which doesn't make sense because you've had something to physically block you from going back I.E. at the beginning when you turn the pipe on and snow falls over the entrance.
Overall I really liked the game concept and think this could be a pretty good series. If it's being released episodically though it needs more content than just 3 minor puzzles

Alx101 responds:

Thank you for a very informative review! I will take note of the issues you brought up and take them into account if I decide to keep working on this game.

it's pretty damn laggy for a game with such simple graphics. Perhaps it has to do with unity being a dick every now and then towards low performance pcs like this bitch here...

Alx101 responds:

Ahah no, it's all my fault most likely. Put a really over-complicated shadow-system on it. Since I've made some leaps as to performance wise (15x faster), but I have been to lazy to update the game with it. Sorry!

Great concept...but that's about it.

If you have to write the controls/how to play in the comments, then there's a problem.
It comes off as lazy, as in the author didn't want to think of a creative way to introduce the game play, or forgot.

Also, I find it odd that so many people are doing these "concept" submissions... It's like steam games and their alphas.

Hey! I agreed with Exodius7, Make a monologue! Also add running when the game climax comes. Keep the same atmosphere, I feel like something creepy is going to happen at the end so it gives a sense of a thrill. Maybe make the controls based only on the keyboard and not the mouse :p
Add some characters that have different relationship with the character if you want (:
Then at the end of the game explain how he got himself in that snowy place.

Just giving some ideas! Keep it up ^^

Alx101 responds:

Thanks for your review! Interesting points, I'll give it some thought.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2016
6:16 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle