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Extinct 2 [Retro Revival]

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I was informed some are experiencing heavy lag spikes, I am combing my code for the issue currently.

Get Score; Don't Die.

**Get 10,000 in score to unlock secret area**

*Source Code will be on my page soon, free for the pickings. Just want to tidy it up first with some annotations.

Your browser will let you full screen and zoom to fit this for a more intense experience. ;)

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I can't start this game.. just "A Html5 Game Developed By:" message's remained..

Not bad, but I feel The dino is too slow, it's weird to use the mouse and hold it down on a side of a screen to make him move, i would suggest keyboard controls. Overall, this has potential to be something better, but at it's current state, it's lacking a lot. The artwork isn't bad though, but could use something more to it, not sure what. I feel the game should feel faster, you run faster and I feel it could use more overall just not sure what.

Also, yes I did experience some lag spikes. It's a bit buggy. Sorry man :c

RobbieSkater responds:

TyVm for the response. I noticed it was buggy just recently on other computers but oddly enough the JS code responded no errors though I think I may know the solution in a runtime function... I will consider the controls more in later projects also. I could potentially make this an <- -> game which I believe I must do. Going to do future games in flash/ or C++ probably so I will be using an engine.

Cool game,it looks like the google one when the site crashes

RobbieSkater responds:

I didn't pay for internet my last semester of college so the grey chrome dinosaur was my inspiration to re make and finish this project. Hehe.

There's not much you can do in this game other than collect the time and coins. Not bad I loved the coloring and the music.

Some ideas to improve:
- Add more levels with different backgrounds
- Add unlockable dinosaurs
- More music

RobbieSkater responds:

I like all these ideas and agree... I'll probably make one last push at the game idea later including levels unlock dinosaurs and music but with 3D graphics haha. Like by the 3rd game you remake it might as well be in 3D.

The aesthetics feel great, and the multiple layers of mountain gives a good depth of the arena. The dinosaur sprite is very cute, and the color palette made it look almost 3D. I think it looks great, especially if played on a phone.

Some design problems:

You chose very bright colors for the background and the objects, a lot of the things meld into the scenery and it isn't pleasing to look at. I would recommend a different color set, check the 'color wheel' on google and choose opposing colors for backgrounds and game object

The dinosaur moves too slow in contrast with its size. A more appropriate movespeed would be 5x ~ 7x its width per second.

Objects spawn too close to each other. A minimum distance of 0.5x each object's width is recommended.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to checking out that source code. I have no idea you coded this, I think it'd be great to learn.

Happy Pixel Day!

RobbieSkater responds:

Awesome response, was intended for mobile but I'm not quite there yet. I coded the whole thing through DOM html elements w/ JS. I didn't use canvas, it was more to learn general front end html design and teach myself the concepts behind looping and runtime game engines.

Hoping to work in either unity and or swift in the near future for more detailed projects.