Ragnarok Unalign

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This is a full game, there are 6+ different stages each with unique enemies and corresponding boss. Think Megaman.

Ragnarok Unalign is a platformer throwback to one very nostalgic MMORPG. I poured 2 years of labor, on and off, into this flash platformer and it has seen its age, but I'm very happy to finally release this product.

Controls (Can be customized)
Arrow keys to move
A: Jump
S: Attack
D: Subweapons
Down+Jump: Slide

Do you have what it takes to stop the dangerous roaming boss monsters (MVP) that threatens the world of Ragnarok?

Features 6 classes, 20 different weapons, and up to 40 equip-able cards.

The list of credits (copyright) is so long that...
I'll think of something in the future.

wordswordswords: skip intro stage
iddhimeter: Play in hard mode - requires cleared data.

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How do I get a password?

Guys, some months ago when played I full game without passwords and decided to reload the game again I got the save error and my weapons and subweapons are made "undefined". When I closely looked to what weapon icons "cycling" in undefined weapon and i saw a weapon that didn't used in game. It looks like cannon with purple bijou (bead) on it. I wanna know it's name, why it got cancelled and what it does. Thank you in advance.

Awesome game, I loved it!

I played Wickebine Kigyouden first and then RO Unaligned...and I loved them both. While Wickebine is a fun, fast-paced Castlevania-like game, Unaligned gave me this old Megaman vibe I just loved. The multiclass system was really clever and I found myself using almost all characters (except for the Rebellion, sorry but the guns was way better).

I don't understand people complaining about the difficulty. Of course, you're gonna die few times, but that makes it more challenging and interesting.

By the way, how do I get the "Die Hard" achievement?

Great game!

There were lots of good details in your game, but the previous review said everything for me already.
P.S.:Bonus half of star for tf2 refernce. Cheers, mates!)

The gameplay is great, with six characters each with unique weapons, subweapons, and playstyles in general. It was mostly well balanced, although I found that Hocland's hammer was just way better than any other weapon for any other class, as it both dealt huge damage with every hit, and its effect that knocked you back very far whenever a hit landed, which was probably supposed to be a huge downside, ended up being great, as it allowed me to get close to my enemies, deal a large amount of damage, and safely get back out again as I was sent flying out of their reach.
I also really liked the writing, as it was funny and full of references, and overall great. Every character was full of personality, and there were lots of funny moments, but it still managed some serious moments, namely Drake's diary.

That being said, I really liked this game overall, and I'm giving it five stars... Or I would, if it wasn't for one very big problem.
Victoria explicitly states each time you talk to her in the town that a save has been made. I tested this, and she was the only save point in that town. However, there are save points elsewhere in the game, which can't be found without checking each time you enter a new screen. That by itself is fine, as the levels are relatively short, so you could have gotten away with Victoria being the only save point. However, what is not fine is that whenever I save at Victoria, if I don't pass by one of these hidden save points, I will lose all my progress, because saving at Victoria is bugged, so that if I try to reload a save my character will:
disappear, reclass to assassin, change its name to a language I can't recognize (could be chinese or korean), cycle through the six different characters, have an undefined weapon and subweapon and undefined HP and SP, and just be impossible to play in general.

As if that weren't enough, when I figured this out, and decided to keep playing anyway and make a hardcore save, after saved at one of those hidden save points, I returned to find that Aida had been replaced by a second Kenshu with undefined gear and Aida's cards. That was mildly annoying, as it messed with my setup. Until I left without having done anything, and returned to find that save had bugged out as well. Then, after yet another reload, the save deteriorated so much that both HP and SP were NaN, and I couldn't even open the menu to mute the volume and write this review because it closed instantly. I suppose you can guess why I wrote two paragraphs about this bug and almost nothing about everything else.

I do not know how this game was programmed, but I think that this may possibly have a simple fix: have the game check each time it is started whether the class, HP, SP, weapon, subweapon, cards, position, etc. are invalid, and if they are, set them to a value that is guaranteed to be valid (e.g. set character to schatten, weapon to default, unequip everything else). I'm not completely sure whether this would work or not (I'd hope so, as I would like my save back), but if it does, you should probably consider adding that in as a safeguard in any future games you make.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

Uh oh, let me work on this, I wasn't aware of the save game feature. It's been a while since I looked back into this game, so I'll run some tests before uploading newer versions. Thanks again for giving it a try and stepping into the hardcore, and I'm sorry about the bugs.

I think when I invariably make the changes, I might use a new way to save the game (my guess is that your current save overlaps with data from Wickebine Kigyouden)

For the sake of speeding progress, when you do come back to the game you can use the following password to speed things along:

wordsswordswords: Start the game and skip intro

gottagofast: Start the game with half-way progress, 3 MVPs cleared and teammates acquired.

hardasdiamonds: Rank = 500

capable: Rank = 175

pedestrian: Rank = 85

babbysfirstgame: Rank = 0

asshole4ever: 100% of running into random encounters

showmethemoney: Jellopy + 100

martystu: Toggle Kenshu's availability in party

daidouji: Toggle Aida

lossforwords: Toggle Nitros

timidlambda: Toggle Tyrion

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2016
12:10 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop