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Toonyfatninja (Pilot)

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Jan 22, 2016 | 10:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

[Main Info]

Cabol as Toonyfatninja,

In this Pilot-Bit I introduce to you my character Cabol for the first time, Cabol also know as "Toonyfatninja" in my very own original and style.
Full Titles:
Toonyfatninja - E00 - Cabol and Toonyfanninja (Pilot-Bit).

Episode Description:
1st Segment:
Cabol's Training Art Dance (Only very Basic Rendering and light frame by frame work).

2nd Segment:
Cabols Animatics (Demo only! NOT Fully Render, also is older animation video from 2014 with old Logo).

Note 1: Remember these are just Pilot-Bits which means is very early in production this means anything goes, call it "free style animation, No script!". and may not have anything to do with the real time line or is not Canon, it's only a quick introduction and nothing more!.

Note 2: The real full render part of the 2nd segment video (toonyfanninja) was lost and will not ever be made in full render. Sorry! but?!... animating this again in full render would kill me fast!. Animating can be very stressful and very time consuming. but don't fret because there be other projects instead. maybe when all else is settle i can remake it.

A Cartoon Original Created By:
Alberto Armentero (Toonyman)

Music Credits:
1st Segment
Alberto Armentero (Toonyman)

Realfaction (Day of Dreams)
Willrock07 (Mountain of Dreams)
[Other Info]

Short Character Biographic:
Cabol is a warrior sent from the heavens with a mission of 2 worlds, he can only save 1.

What's are Pilot-Bits?
In Short Pilot-Bits (Created By Me!, Toonyman) are like regular TV Pilots. The difference is that they are not fully render, or completed and may change entirely or even cancel. They are a fast, and simpler version of the real version and also not! being fancy and or spoiling the real storyline. The main point is to create a very primitive basic introduction to the character(s) and sometimes a peck of the basic storyline(Subject to change). This way while in production the character(s) and or show can get the recognition in the mean time, like a buildup. This can also be in it's natural state where there's no script, and is created purely from head as I imagine it, at times it may not even make any sense.

Why I Created Pilot-Bits?
In the past people use Animated studios or TV in general and or commercials to show there works and while all that can cost a lot of money and are still somewhat slower in production. But threw out the years we have move to the internet for are entertainments blood rush,. but most of today Artist (animators) work alone or with a small team, and producing high quality and fast main stream media that's just insane! it's just not possible and becomes very stressful.

The Toonyman Style:
This Cartoon Series is a Toonyman Style Original. This is the first of it's kind. Everything is 100% Natural and without Influences. That's the Toonyman Style also known as the " Toonyman's Natural Arts".

When I finish Building My Website(Still Long way to go) your Understand what I really mean about all this. I will also make tutorials and books and the likes. At least that's the plan.

Toonyfatninja/Cabol #CNSG7-TTF4K-3X7JU
All Logos, Artworks, Music, Video and Related Elements are
Toonyman Studios © All Rights Reserved.

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