Puppy Stew

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10 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 10 Puppies from the witches' stew!

15 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 15 Puppies from the witches' stew!

20 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 20 Puppies from the witches' stew!

25 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 25 Puppies from the witches' stew!

30 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 30 Puppies from the witches' stew!

5 Puppies Rescued 50 Points

Rescued 5 Puppies from the witches' stew!

Won 40 Witch Games 100 Points

Beat Villa at 40 Witch Games!

Author Comments

Jenna has moved into a new neighborhood, only to discover that everybody's puppies have gone missing... It turns out that the neighborhood Witches, Eva and Vila, have kidnapped all of the puppies for use as ingredients in their Puppy Stew!

You must defeat the over-competitive Vila at Witch Games to win back the puppies for all of the neighbors!

- Compete in tons of different Witch Games, such as races, ball games, survival challenges, tag, and more!
- Rescue all of the puppies!
- Coach your puppy to win some of the Witch Games!
- Have fun!

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Some minigames are just RNG and luck and controls are floaty.

This game is insanely hard! It's also insanely infuriating. So many different kinds of games you have to win and master, almost all of them hard to do and relying on insane levels of both skill and luck.

Truly only a very few can manage it all. I almost gave up for a time there but I only had one more left to win and I pushed myself and somehow managed it (after many many many times of failure)

This is truly a game only for the hardcore gamers.

Somewhat interesting with the score boosts after you win all 40, to add something of a replayability into the game, at least for those interested in climbing the high score tables.

Warning. If you don't have the patience, do not play this game. You have been warned!

I did feel the ads were a bit excessive though. Fair enough -- you're trying to get some ad money and deserve to be compensated as well -- but it interrupts the flow quite a lot with the frequency of them.

Wonderful game. It's one of the better pixel games I've played, to be honest. Lots of different, challenging games. The game had a great concept, as well. I completed the game, but had trouble with the last two medals. They didn't pop up when I completed the last two tasks to get them. That's not a point dinger, though. I thought this game was tremendous overall.

I'm a fan of the pixel art, and I loved these cute images and movements of the characters. I think the game is very funny, specially because each level is a little diferent, but maybe after playing 10 or 15 could be repetitive for some people. However, that's not really a problem, almost all games are equal in that way.
I think the real problem is the lag of the game, sometimes I get a lot and I can't play, and when it has gone, the minigame has ended, and obviously I lose. Without that, the game is very enjoyable.

Medals are NOT fixed, I just got one in game and wasn't awarded the Newgrounds medal.

Also how the heck do you make the dog jump on other dogs, I can't figure out that minigame at ALL.

ElJayPlay responds:

If you aren't getting the medals, then try refreshing your web browser's cache. The medals are all working as far as I and the moderators of the site can tell.

To make the dog jump on ghost dogs, first call him to the level with a whistle (SPACE). Then, once it's there, move left/right. The dog will follow you. Move so that the dog has to jump over the grave stone and then guide him in the air to land on top of ghost dogs.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2016
7:18 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop