The Rogue Fable

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Do you have what it takes to steal the legendary Goblet of Yendor? With 24 dungeon levels, 44 items, 27 distinct monsters and 12 spells, each play through is a new challenge. The Rogue Fable combines the depth and challenge of classic roguelikes with the ease of use of a mouse interface.

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Excellent Rouge like dungeon, I've played many in my time and this one got me playing for a few hours, I didn't make it that far and I will say it's fun, challenging and over all a game I can see myself playing over and over.

Great work!

Awesome classic! looking forward to more.

I saw there was a second Rogue Fable game, and I was wondering if there was an original. Here it is! Easier than the second one, I think, and hitting a monster still can be a pain in the butt.

This is the only flash game I've every played more than once. It's incredible once you master the nuances. I've played at least once a week since this game was available over 9 months ago, sometimes a dozen times a week! I really appreciate the work that was done to make this game, I imagine there was a lot of testing to make sure it was balanced.

It's a great combination of chess, treasure hunting, & solitaire. I can play at work during breaks and usually finish a game each day. The randomization and difficulty is very well balanced. I really think this could be a classic. Even the music makes you feel like you are in a dungeon having an adventure, but knowing death is right around the next corner. The sound effects are just right.

If you play with firefox (perhaps IE too, but I've never tried), the key is to NEVER use fire spells. I've never had a problem using firefox if I just don't use fire spells. The one exception is I had a freeze once when an Evil Eye detonated (again, fire based action).

The first dozen or so games are tough because almost any mistake is death, but once you learn what works best in each situation, you can start to enjoy exploring knowing you can handle almost anything. Eventually, you will be able to win in just an hour or so. The one challenge I haven't been able to do is explore every space of the dungeon, when I try, I usually die in the fire or ice dungeons.

The only changes I can think of would be something more interesting when you reach level 4 of the fire or ice dungeon (I've never been able to explore all the way to level 4 of both at the same time, so perhaps something does happen?). Just expanding this would be great in the next version with more items and creatures. I don't think a save should be added since it would take away a lot of the excitement and challenge. You would have to leave your computer on, but you can walk away and come back to a game the next day if you needed to. I like the background music, but it is just one track that repeats. Of course, fixing the fire bug and the exp bug would probably be good too.

One potentially beneficial bug is the ability to quickly gain exp by dropping items before going down stairs and then coming back up and grabbing them to re-earn the exp again. I would only recommend it if you are just not leveling up fast enough. Usually, you want to level normally since you get the benefit of renewed health and mana each time and that could actually save you when you are surrounded by a lot of creatures.

In all of the dungeon, there is always 1 random space that has bottomless treasure. It's hidden, so when you walk on it, an item will magically appear. You pick it up, go back to the previous level, and then return to that space and another random item will appear. It seems to go away if you go to the next level, or go back more than 1 previous level. It can be anywhere in the 24 levels of the dungeon.

I found the best way to win is to melee the creatures and to lure ranged creatures, using corners to hide behind. Take them out one by one, or place a creature melee unit between you and a ranged enemy. The ranged creatures will be the hardest, but the corner trick and your spear/halberd can make quick work of them as they run away when you come back around the corner. In emergencies, immobilize the creatures with ice spell or nets, but save nets if you can until the harder levels. You can probably win if you get to level 12 and have the following: 1 ice spell, about 20 nets, 4 mana potions, 3 resistance potions (1 for each level 14, 15, & 16), 5 food, with melee at 10 and stealth at least 4. As you gain exp, keep putting the rest into stealth. Also save enchantment scrolls for the Gloves of Strength, or your spear/halberd if you haven't found the gloves by level 12.

Merchants are on every 3rd level (3,6,9,12,15), with level 8 being a safe level with no creatures and 4 merchants, along with an always available Healing fountain. This is also the only level with access to the fire and ice dungeons. I always sell my darts and experience potions now, and try to only use heal potions when I have full HP to increase my max HP. Tray and save food for healing, you can go awhile hungry at 0/0. It takes awhile, but if you are hungry long enough, you will lose 1 HP every so often.

I don't recommend the ice dungeon, you need to be really buff to survive in there. Fire dungeon is more manageable, but you have to either deal 15 points damage or have the fire armor and fire necklace. You probably should also have at least 70 HPs and be ready to constantly retreat back to level 8 with the Healing fountain. That healing fountain is also the way you can cruise through level 9 and 10 by just going back to it to heal when you're below 30 HPs.

The good: The randomization keeps the game very fresh.

The bad: SWhen you're just trying to move into attack position but you accidentally click on your character to wait. Perhaps the option to toggle a 'are you sure', for click happy people like me.

The ???: None of the heal/mana mushrooms count as a tiny boost to food??

Idea: (I played several guys, but if this is actually a thing, sorry) Wouldn't be nice to have some structured stability in your dungeon merchants? Perhaps make one available on every even floor (still spawn in random locations though).

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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2016
12:44 PM EST
Adventure - RPG