Lip Synch Exercise

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Part of on ongoing animation exercise, designing and animating different styles of heads/characters, while lip synching the same audio.

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The animation for each head is very smooth and the drawings are very pleasing to look at, but the mouths don't seem to sync up with the audio very well. Nonetheless, very well done!



To be fair, this was a really good test you got. However, it isn't a good idea to submit tests under judgement. Tests, walk cycles, etc usually gets a really low score if not blamed. If you want to put tests on here, there is something called the "Dumping Grounds". It's the button next to your message button where anyone can post tests at. And with it, you can show off anything to your friends, family, and random users on here. So please do that instead. But like I said, pretty great lip-sync! Hope you make some pretty great videos in the future! :)