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Dwarf's journey

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Dwarf’s journey is a simple lines-like game. Dwarf need to find gold, silver and diamonds. He must pass deserts, mountains, forests and snowy fields. To collect wealth you must match 4, 5 or 6 stones.

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Kinda good but easily forgetable, has potential and wold work if was some iphone game, but with a less clunky interface like clicking on the thing you want actually means you want to select such thing instead of clicking on the cell it's standing on, since being isometric knowing exactly where each cell is when the screen is too filled with stuff is annoying, and also some morevalid reason for the player to go after high scores would be good, because if no motivation is given the game can become very boring very fast since no actual chalenge or reward is presented esceptfor the obvious, "you can reach the next level"

This is a fun little game! Only one complaint: You can't deselect a block once it's selected, and it is easy to select the wrong block. This is unfortunate.

It wasn't bad, I just felt like it was a bit clunky. It definitely has a lot of potential. It is just to simple to be fun for very long.

What a cute game! However when I constantly tried to click in the middle of the stones at first. This gives no reaction. Apparently you need to click the cell where the stone is, but this is not obvious at first.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2016
4:16 AM EST