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Read the instructions.

Pay attention to the instructions.

Ignore the security panel in the first level.

This game requires a mouse, you will not be able to play this on anything other than keyboard/mouse.

There is nothing in the game that cannot be solved by something not mentioned in the instructions. If you are still alive you can still move forward in my game. Whether you have enough HP to beat the level is another matter however.

Please direct all hate mail/questions to my inbox.
You can skip through dialogue you've read before faster by just holding down enter.

If you did play my game I'd love to hear from you in a review!
Reality End is a point and click puzzle type adventure game. You need to figure out how to get through a level without dying by using the weapons at your disposal, the objects around you, and more often than not, your accuracy with a mouse.

It's been a while since I made anything. The last 'game' I made was when I was 15, and I deleted it off newgrounds when I started this project 6-ish years ago. I'm a master procrastinator, this is not six years of work, but it is still something I never thought I would see finished.

I hope you enjoy this game a fraction of how much I enjoyed making it. I've rewritten the story so many times the game is very far from what I first imagined, but I love the way it turned out.

PS. There are a few easter egg secrets in the game, one of them has the potential to tell you more about the confusing world this story takes place in.

1.1 - Release version

1.2 - Added stop points to dialogue in cutscenes that did not have it, added skip function to skip to levels you have already been to if you return to the main menu, added some missing sounds


I success to go inside from the window but can't figured out a better way to avoid losing HP at each counter. Now stuck at 1st floor...i give up.

Game has interesting premise. Graphics are decent. Instructions/Directions need to be written more concise. The opening scene of the game has you press enter & it fires a pistol at a target. Once you start the real game play, pressing enter to fire a weapon does not work. Clicking with the mouse or any key does nothing. I understand the first scene has a keypad that we are supposed to ignore but the door is locked & when you try to use any of the weapons/melee to breach the door, nothing happens. The character isn't able to move around so you're stuck at the front door unable to get it in. When clicking on the other clickable things in the game, nothing happens. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I suggest a walkthrough to guide gamers.

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Zen-Zinxe responds:

My only suggestion is think outside the box. Nowhere in the instructions does it say you use enter to fire your weapons, enter only continues the dialogue or cutscene.

If you ended up trying to break into a building but the front door was not an option, where else would you look?

Story seems interesting. I read everything twice, but where to get a swipe card? I couldn't break open this lock with either a gun or a melee weapon. :/

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Zen-Zinxe responds:

The first keypad is essentially useless. Nobody but me would know the code, although it is possible to learn the code from what is written in the game, but figuring out what leads to the code is nearly impossible.

In short, ignore the first keypad, it's not an option, it's there to make you think it is an option.

The game looks kinda interesting, but many people want to read instructions again, and the only way to do so is restarting, and that's annoying. I think it's VERY IMPORTANT to keep a way to acces to the current instrutions in any time the player needs. I got stuck in the second mission, in front of that door with security system, and I don't know what to do because I didn't understand the instrucions. Maybe it's my fault, but nowadays almost every game lets reread instrucions anytime...

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Zen-Zinxe responds:

Thanks for the input. I'll be updating the game soon with a few little adjustments to make it less tedious to go through. Namely being able to start at the beginning of a level if you exit to the main menu.

One thing to keep in mind as well is that if you are alive you can always move forward. There isn't a scenario in which you cannot do anything at all. I'll be adding a few more tips to the instructions as well, thanks for playing!

Need to be able to skip the entire introduction after you die.

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Zen-Zinxe responds:

Yeah this is definitely something I wanted to change, unfortunately I cannot with the way I designed it, thanks for playing.

You can however skip through dialogue by holding enter, instead of tapping it every time.

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2.17 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2016
3:15 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click